Monday, 23 April 2012

Oh, Babycino...

At a sweet little playdate this morning, I commented to my lovely friend that I'm preeeetty sure we were not sipping on Babycinos when we were Tiny Tots.... 

I guess times have changed 'cos these kids sure do know their way around one!

In other breaking news, Miss Lily has conquered the ever tricky 'Y' in her name. Not that we are pushing early literacy (play-based learning all the way, baby) but she started drawing the other letters herself on her drawings and was frustrated that she could not do the 'Y' - it's a sneaky little letter, you see! Then, a few weeks ago at dinner she announced 'I want to read books all by myself and write all the letters.' So following her lead, Daddy had a little after-dinner session with her where he showed her how to do the 'Y' and a few other letters she was wanting to work out (amazing how many letters she could already write without ever being 'taught') and so here we are..... I realised I should snap a little record today when the kids were drawing at our friend's house. Loving that she writes her name in the top left corner just like the teacher's do at school.... they don't miss much, do they?!

The 'Y', Lily's mini-Everest, conquered!


  1. Oh the babycino series is too cute! I love the writing photo though. It is such a great milestone to capture, especially when the photo includes her gorgeous dimpled hands! Well done Lily :)

  2. That's so cool about her Y. They are amazing huh. Cody has done the same - we've not pushed anything on her but she hit a point where I think she realised the power which came with reading and writing and all the whole world which would open up to her. Your babycino session is so cute!

  3. I love the baby chino photo's ~ my ebony was never into them....but she loves chai lattes now (at 6)~
    How amazing about your little one finally getting her 'y'. it took ebony a while too~ xx

  4. Last baby chino shot of Eli - priceless! He is such a character.
    Well done Lily! Coming from a Kinder teacher, the letter 'y' is a toughie ;)


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