Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mother and Son

Sometimes I can still hardly believe I have a son. Growing up with two sisters, I sure wasn't used to having boys around and it has been delightful (and often exhausting) to discover what life with a little dude (with untold energy) is like!

Today Eli and I had our weekly jaunt to music class while Big Sista merrily trots off to Playschool. It is during this special little time that my eyes are usually opened to what a big boy he is getting to be - no longer just relegated to 'baby' status. I am often amused at all the things I eagerly pushed  introduced when Lily was a similar age (and younger!), whereas Eli, as the poor second child, just tags along to the older kids activities. Don't worry, he has his own space in the world and picks up plenty - more than I have realised!

Today some of the other Mums were commenting on how engaged and responsive he is (?!) and I was initially surprised but then realised it was kinda true - watching, following, copying the teacher as she went through all the song actions. He knew what to expect for every song. There was a song where you had to hold a tennis ball in a different position for every verse and to my shock, he tried it and did it - no hands! Under the chin (hilarious), between the knees (so cute), under the arm and so on. A baby no more, all 21 months of him. To be honest I was pretty surprised to realise all that he is capable of in terms of the way he intently watches and follows and knows the routine - much more than I have realised! Just don't give the kids enough credit, huh!? I don't think he really talks that much but I guess he makes up for it in volume and interaction, lol!!

Giving  himself a rockin' double chin!

Little Mr Knock Knees!

Collapsing to the floor to watch the bubbles


Today he was wearing a cute lil' pair of Dunlop Volleys that Lily wore at the same age. Those adorable hand-me-down shoes seem seeped in sentimentality, as I recalled little Lily scampering around in them at the same age.... it already seems so long ago! I have forgotten so much. Wow, I am so grateful for this blogging project, encouraging me to document so many little moments I would surely have already forgotten. I love passing down items between the kids, evoking precious memories of the older sibling at a similar age and stage, creating beautiful new memories.... layers of memories between siblings.... building up our family. Love it!

Funnily enough, my baby boy has all of a sudden started another little habit that Lily had around the same age but I had totally forgotten.

In the midst of the day, in the car, during lunch or whatever, Eli will shout 'MUMMY!!' in his customary bellow.
'Yes Eli?'
'HAPPY!' he replies with his charming grin.

I remember Lily doing the same, when she was just talking, just randomly piping up in her sweet (and ever so quiet compared to her brother!) voice 'Happy!'. It totally melted my heart at the time and now again with Eli, my mother's heart just forms into a puddle. So funny/sweet/random that both my kids have done this and it is a rather reassuring thing on a job where you don't always get a lot of feedback or 'performance reviews', to know the kids feel happy even when just going through the mundane and regular routine! Bless their little cotton socks... especially knowing they are sharing that feeling from the heart and not yet from any social convention or anything. There is more to life than happiness, to be sure, but it sure is still nice to feel it.

Today I am delighting in my boy. He is charming, he is happy, he is LOUD. He is strong-willed, he is energetic, he is affectionate. He is a little bit OCD when it comes to putting things away and cleaning up (not complaining!). He responds well to strong boundaries. He likes to test them (just in case). He is funny, he is beautiful, he is my son. I am the mother of a son (wow) and oh, how very blessed I am to witness him, guide him, and nurture him from baby boy to amazing man.

Love you, little E xx


  1. What a handsome little man!

  2. Oh he is really clever... it´s cute to see when they are first observing and then practising!


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