Sunday, 22 April 2012

A Sunday Afternoon Stroll

It has become a bit of a tradition in our little family to take a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood late on Sunday afternoon, after church and rest time (for all of us!). Whether the weekend has been chaotic or quiet, I love rounding it out with a family walk - no destination except just to hang out together, chat, collect a few treasures (leaves and sticks) and get some fresh air!

Side-note: I often lament the lack of footpaths on our street, but thankfully it is usually very quiet as it is a Circuit (so no through traffic) and there are bike paths around for when the kids need to roam free a bit. Thankfully we usually all love to just hold hands while the kids scamper along beside us! Cos that's just how we roll, you know?! ;)

 Oh how I love all these precious little souls... or is it soles?! Heehee...


  1. gorgeous family ritual... awesome tutu & boots combo!

    1. yeah, in this house its pretty much tutu + ANYthing/EVERYthing else combo!! :) she wears one every moment she can!


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