Tuesday, 8 January 2013

when life gives you lemons...

Well, the saying -

'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade' 

...is one fairly popular little life philosophy. 

It seems my kiddos have made their own life philosophy along the lines of -

'When life gives you lemons, just start liking lemons'!!! 

With this crazy hot weather currently happening, we are drinking a lot of water, often with a slice of lemon for that little extra sumthin' sumthin'. The kids are currently obsessed with, and constantly requesting 'lemon water' and have rapidly moved from loving water with lemon, to fishing out and chewing on the lemon from their (or my!) cup, to now begging for plain old lemon to lick and even eat.

Yep, they are weirdos, but I do love them all the same!


  1. This is SO funny! Love their smiling lemon faces :)
    My kids have been requesting the same. This week we have even moved onto lemon....and mint in their water - FANCY!

  2. Are you serious!!! I can't even look at these photos without my insides twisting and my body shuddering. Try not to let them have too much or they might wear the enamel off their teeth.

  3. You have really captured the bite of lemon and I adore Lily's smile in the last one. I am just in awe of the energy you have with the new one so soon to arrive!

    1. don't be in awe, i am sooooo low on energy these days! definitely doing bare minimum.... but on final count down :)

  4. Ha, this is too cute and not even a crazy screwed up lemon face to show for it! Amber...SO fancy with the mint water ;)


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