Thursday, 31 January 2013

there is a baby in this house...

I thought I would share some photos of Miles' first week at home. You may notice that it's basically just various shots of Lily and/or Eli holding the baby as that is mostly what has been happening! Yeah... these two are obsessed with their new sibling. And yeah, the parents are too! He is the newly crowned little prince of this household - cherished, adored, kissed, cuddled and loved on almost every minute of the day. I am pretty much addicted to nuzzling his little neck... mmmm, delicious!

 I feel so grateful for these cosy little newborn days and am just enjoying soaking them up as much as possible. We are burrowing into our little home as a family of five and loving having time (oh, glorious time!) to hang out together and get to know the newest member. Finding our groove, establishing a routine. Miles is just a sleepy little bear, chilled out, snuggly and just-too-cute-for-words. I can't get enough of him! When he is not being cuddled it is easy to forget he is even here - it still seems a little surreal to have this new baby in the home!?

There is something so renewing about these newborn days, a chance to shed almost any other outside obligations and have permission to simply cocoon inside with your family... it's a blessing! Of course every now and then we welcome the outside world in...  newborns are so delicious, their joy and  freshness must be shared with friends and family - and of course doting parents like to have others agreement on how impossibly cute they are! We love visitors. But for the most part, we are enjoying quiet days whilst Mark is still on paternity leave - resting, feeding, sleeping, having fun with the older kids, taking care of long-awaited chores and to-dos around the house (well, that's mostly Mark!) and simply chilling out together. I know things will get a lot busier (and crazier!) once I am running all this solo when Mark goes back to work so I'm determined to embrace this short season while we have it. I feel good, happy, relaxed and recovering from the birth  and I guess also from the preceding nine months of sickness. Occasionally I am smacked upside the head by post-partum hormones (oh, yes, they make a mama ker-azy!) or overdoing it and feeling rapidly exhausted, but mostly - I am trying to take things slow, soak up these quiet family days and enjoy our time in the cocoon! 

It feels like our family is complete and we just feel so thankful to God for blessing us with a little Miles-shaped puzzle piece - he is the perfect fit!

Arriving home from the hospital... um yeah. this kid can
sleep in any position it seems!

I forgot to mention in the last post that this little green suit he came home from the hospital in is the same one worn
by his two siblings when they also came home from hospital. I will let the three of them arm-wrestle out who gets to
keep it in years to come, haha!

She just loves to hold him. She was devastated to learn she couldn't actually carry him around the house 'like a
grown up'  but has settled for constant cuddles in her lap!

Little brother wrapped in the arms of his adoring older sister.

Somewhere in my archives I have shots of both Lily and Eli in the same outfit, on the same blanket.
One day I will track all three photos down to compare!!

My three kids (!!!) with their sweet 'sibling welcome' gifts. Miles 'gave' Lily and Eli the Hungry Hippos game and a cool real stethoscope. Lily gave Miles the teddy, Eli gave the rabbit. All are a hit!

Two little brothers.  Oh, the adventures this pair will have!

E is so happy holding his lil' bro!

I walk into the lounge after getting a drink and catch this scene. 'I just cuggling Baby Miles!!' he proclaims
defensively lest I think he has been trying to pry his eyes open again...

First bath. Plenty of helpers!! 
He was (as always) chilled - loved his first bath and didn't make a peep!

Watching PlaySchool with her new companion. Don't worry, Miles was not
interested in viewing - he prefers napping!

Cutest little Aussie around!


  1. Ahhh! Cuteness over load! He is just too sweet! Such beautiful photos and memories!

  2. He is delicious. Seems so placid. Love Lily's hands, very relaxed being a Mum. Thanks for the peek at first week!

  3. What a sweet post. There is absolutely nothing in comparison to those early days where the siblings get to fall in love with the one you have carried in your heart for all that time. Great pictures to capture great moments. I am so happy for you!

    1. so true - witnessing their love and budding relationship is a surprising joy! just so fun.... thanks for your lovely comment! x

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  5. This is so adorable...i loved the way you capture every moment so gracefully!!!

  6. Oh, I think I just died over that second with the wrinkly little hands. I also love the one of his first bath, where you can see how small his little head is with your dh's hand on it, and how the other kids are gently washing their baby brother. Such sweetness!

    In the first photo, something about his face looks so much like Eli!

  7. Oh my... this is just love personified! Every single photo made my heart swell and my ovaries just about burst! You're so lucky I'm already pregnant ;)
    Seriously, your children are amazing. I can only hope my 3 have the same experience.

    And the photos are lovely Kate, you're really getting the hang of your camera, some really wonderful lighting and moments captured photographically too xx


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