Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Slip Slidin' into a New Year...

After a whirlwind December involving floor renovations, Christmas and Camp Challenge (and everything in between), we came back from camp refreshed and ready to focus on what 2013 has in store. Namely and firstly - a new family member! With everything going on, I have hardly been able to wrap my mind around the little one joining us in a mere three weeks.... let alone do anything practical like you know - drag out any clothes, bedding or nappies for the poor darling child! 

So today dawned fresh and bright, with time (glorious time) to simply settle in and start feathering this little nest. Mark is off work for the rest of the week and we have deliberately kept the week clear so we have time to rest from camp, unpack, start getting organised (mentally and practically) for the coming arrival and of course just chill out and enjoy some sweet summery family time.

And so we did. A quiet day pottering around the house. Unpacking and doing laundry from camp. The kids happily and quietly playing together with Christmas toys they have hardly seen. Digging out newborn clothes, breastfeeding pillows, rockers and assorted baby paraphernalia. Resting. Then... in the late arvo, Mark excitedly pulled out something special he had not been able to resist purchasing from Aldi a while back.... that staple of an Aussie summer childhood - yes, a Slip'N'Slide!! It was the kid's first experience and as you can see.... it sure was a good one!

Laughter, squeals, falls, splashing and watery goodness - all enjoyed by me as I sat in the shade sipping ice-tea and listening to the precious peels of laughter of my beloveds. 

Yep, this is holiday-mode!

Feeling so happy today. Refreshed and relaxed. Grateful for fun summery time to enjoy with my family and time to prepare for life's upcoming changes. So very excited (and finally getting ready) to meet this beloved baby... cannot wait!

The look of sheer delight...

To be honest, I wasn't sure if she would really get into it as she is not always
physically super adventurous but my girl threw herself down that runway
with utter abandon!

E took a more cautious approach after slipping over pretty heavily early on.
He found a safe way to make his way back up the mat!

Not quite so sure...

Stopping for a much needed sip of my decaf ice-tea!

Due to the sun and not wanting to use up too much water, 15ish minutes of slipping and sliding was plenty
before the kids retired to the luxurious clam shell in the shade!

Later on... making banana bread with Daddy

So flour-covered.... so lovable! My little E-Bear... he is just killing me with
cuteness lately!


  1. I just love the look on your daughters face when she's on the slip and slide. Pure joy!

    - Tara

  2. haha, love their faces on the slip and slide! Great captures!!

  3. wonderful summer fun....wonderful memories


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