Sunday, 20 January 2013

3/52 - t-shirts + bassinettes


I watch him struggle, fail, try again... succeed. The struggle is part of life, the watching is part of parenting... 

Yes, you did it, darling boy!


She waits so eagerly for her baby sibling to arrive... in the mean time, practising with Baby Doll Susan.
Oh, this baby will be loved! 

Project 52: A photo of my children each week, every week, for 2013


  1. Oh these are such beautiful moments captured! It is just so wonderful to see their developing independence. Clever little man! And Lily looks head over heels with her bubba already. She will be a beautiful big sister. WIshing you lovely days :) x

    1. thanks for popping in, Steph :) yes the kids are sooo excited for the new arrival - and me too!

  2. Both such beautiful captures, Kate. (I feel like a bit of a dick saying 'capture', but it really is.) Your boy's face when he got that t-shirt on is priceless. I kinda feel like that most days when I manage to extract myself from my bed... x


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