Monday, 14 January 2013

our family, our year // 366 slideshow

Ever wondered what a year looks like at a glance?

Well, this is our year....

And  here, at last (for me, after all the kerfuffle in getting the video to work!!) is a slideshow video of the year that was.... 366 days of documenting delight in 2012. 

Although my photography is amateur at best (especially at the start of the year and through the months of sickness), I have to admit my heart catches in my throat when I watch it. A year captured in a way I never imagined - so many beautiful memories, milestones and even just mundane moments - but all precious because they are ours

Our little family, just living life and loving each other. 

(This video is loading pretty small, so you may want to go directly to the YouTube link to watch it... on the big screen if you so desire!)

Thanks everyone for sharing in our year...

Ahhhhh..... so satisfying to have this project completed.... and right on time with a new family member due to arrive any moment now!



  1. Love the slideshow Kate, well done! It is really beautiful to look back over your year and watch your kids grow...and Eli's hair get shorter (sob) but much more grown up! I can't wait to see who the next little person to join you family is :)

    1. thanks so much :) yes i know - eli really transformed from tiny tot to 'real boy' over this year - cant believe it. and YES i still sooooo wistful when I see those glorious curls - oh how i miss them. luckily i can pop over to your amazing photos for my curl fix!!! :)

  2. Love Darron Hanlon. Which album is this song from.
    - Claire w

  3. It's so lovely, Kate. It's so full of joy and happiness - what a special keepsake to have of your year! Well done! :-)

    1. thanks Lisa - yes im so excited to have this year to treasure like this always!


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