Monday, 7 January 2013

The Warmest of Welcomes...

She bounced into my room this morning, eyes alight with one of her 'big ideas'....

'Mummy, how about today, we make a sign, a really, really, REALLY big sign... for our new Baby Brother!!! It can say 'Love you, Welcome Baby Brother! Loved by Lily, Eli, Mark and Kate' !!!!' 

I could only blearily concur that it was a wonderful idea and I was without doubt that the baby would love it very, very much... what a sweet welcome into our family, right?! :)

My little planner (oh, she is soooo my daughter sometimes, it's scary!) then counted out on her fingers how the day would unfold 'Ok, so first we get dressed, then do my hair, THEN MAKE THE POSTER!!!!'

Well, that all seemed pretty reasonable to me... and so we did. 

Oh, little one... your arrival into our family is so eagerly anticipated! You are already so immensely loved and adored!

The words Lily instructed me to write

working intently

She was so excited at how much Baby would love her handiwork!

the most loving big sis in the world!

The finished product - to be hung on the wall till our new family member
comes home. They are so proud!
(Note drawing of baby in the centre of pic!)

Later that day, Lily told me 'Mummy, babies are a lot of hard work, but I'm going to do everything for the baby to help - change nappies and hold him every day, even standing up - and do everything!!'

(Just to explain, as of course little kids usually need to sit down to safely have a cuddle of babies, Lily sees being able to stand whilst holding a baby as the ultimate grown up and independent thing to aspire to).

Yeah, I kinda get the feeling she thinks this is actually her baby!


  1. Awww, I love how hotly annicipated this baby of yours is :) What a sweet gesture and a lovely poster to celebrate the "waiting game" that your familt is going through as you get towards the end of your pregnancy.
    Love the reference to being able to hold AND stand with the baby ;) Gorgeous.

  2. What a fabulous idea, Lily! Some day the baby will be old enough to see these photos and know how loved he was before he even arrived, that's pretty special.

  3. I feel your family's excitement through these words and images. Joy!

  4. This is so wonderful Kate! Your newest little man is definitely going to be LOVED!!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh this is SO super cute!! ALMOST makes me want to give Scarlett a little sibling...

  6. I tell you I am sooo clucky at the moment, I wish I could come down and give your tiny baby a cuddle in a couple of weeks. Lily is the sweetest isn't she, she is going to love dot on her 2 brothers

  7. Oh Kate, you should be so proud to have raised two incredibly thoughtful and loving children! How special to make their little baby brother a sign to welcome him into the world with such love and anticipation. So Precious.


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