Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Lily - the Sister Bear // Right Now

Following on from yesterday's post about Eli, today I want to capture my little Lily as she is Right Now...

One constant source of delight in my girl is her love of craft and creating. Glancing over to see this common view never ceases to bring a smile to my face... little girl lost in her own world. Any moment of free time, this is where she is. Give this kid a roll of sticky tape and/or glue, scraps of paper and some scissors and she is in her element making all manner of sculptures. Some glitter, stickers or ribbon is an added bonus! Totally self-directed and engaged. Today as well as making a bunch of little paper people, she made me a zigzag paper bracelet and was so pleased when I wore it the rest of the afternoon 'Mummy, I love that you are wearing my bracelet I made' she kept saying with a shyly pleased smile upon her face.

Lily at 4.5 Years Old 

Crafting, drawing, painting. Dressing up, singing, dancing and swimming. Playing with friends, sleepovers, giggling. Eating ice. The colours pink, purple, silver, gold. 'Horsey wrestles' with Dad.

Wearing jeans and tracksuit pants. Anything mildly 'scary'. Seeing people upset or hurt. 

Who Are You?

Lily, my sweet girl. You are sweetness personified. Full of laughter and love. Everyone you meet is a friend a and you give your heart to everyone. These days you eagerly embrace everything that is 'big girl' - and I am constantly surprised at what you are capable of. Getting drinks, folding and putting away washing and assisting Eli in all manner of tasks. You are soooo excited about the new baby coming soon and I think you feel you will be taking on pretty much all of his care! I have been so moved by your compassion and awareness during my sickness, always checking on me and telling me to rest. You are so tender-hearted in the way you see and care for others around you - remembering details about everyone you come across, and what is happening in their lives. Cheeky, funny, emotional, quirky. You love to make jokes (haven't quite worked out the knock-knock logic but you do try!), love to make up rhymes, love to get wild and silly and crazy. 

You are fiercely loyal and protective. We hear all about the protective Mama-Bear - yet lesser known but just as fierce is the little Sister-Bear. If any harm or sadness should befall any member of your family, your reaction is extreme. You hover over your little brother and make us parents feel almost negligent from the amount of times you caution us to check on him, keep him safe from the edge of a lake (which is 50 metres away), etc. If he is hurt, you are hurt. If he is at the smallest risk of injury, you stand self-appointed guard. If you ever see me cry or hurt, you freak out. Seriously freak out. One rare time I was crying in front of you, you were like a wild-cat - shrieking, clawing, hysterical till you could get to me. We had never seen you like that before... you love and care so fiercely, little girl. Is this all an eldest child thing? Just who you are? I don't know but I just know how passionately you care for those around you in the most raw and vulnerable way... surely the source of joy and pain in coming years... but so very, very brave.

Lily, my sweet hearted girl - you truly inspire me with your compassion, love and open-hearted joy. I marvel at the way friends gather around you, attracted to your kind, friendly and inclusive nature. I am so touched by the way you care and think of others, and the way you eagerly desire to help (I mean, you are a kid, so I'm not saying you always want to do chores all day long or anything!). But kiddo, I think you are wonderful.  I am so proud to have you as my daughter... proud and richly blessed!

Daddy and Baby - the  rest of the family were added later!


  1. What a beautiful post!! Oh, she sounds just like my DD. We constantly have craft everywhere!!

  2. Her craft corner looks brilliant. She is just so lovely.

  3. Can she be any more beautiful!?! Just like her mumma! Her personality comes across so well even in photos... Just wanna give her a big hug and play craft with her! such a blessing to have tender hearted gorgeous childen!

  4. Gorgeous words for your gorgeous girl. She really does have a big heart and loves those around her and passionately.


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