Sunday, 27 January 2013

'dis your new family!

Miles' first day... 

While Mum takes a shower, Daddy + Son take a long snuggle/nap together!
Ahhh, bonding time!

My wonderful step-dad David, who had looked after the kids the night before, brought them in late morning to meet their new sibling. When we spoke on the phone I could hear them shrieking with excitement in the background. Oh  yes, they were crazy-ready to meet the new baby at loooooooooong last - nine months is quite a wait for a 4 and 2 year old!

When it was time for the kids to arrive, I was all ready as 'recommended'. I put Miles in the bassinette so I could greet them on my own for cuddles first- no trauma induced by them seeing me captured by this new intruder to the family and all that. Um yeah - an unnecessary precaution! The kids galloped into the room and pretty much straight by me, eagerly crying 'Where's the new baby?!'. Jealous - not so much. They love this little baby and have been beyond eager to welcome him to the family.

So they rushed over to greet him, cooing and gasping over his cuteness, his smallness, his tiny face, and so on. 'Baby born vewy tired' Eli proclaimed, seeing him in the bassinette (he usually likes to call him 'Baby Born' to signify that he is indeed here at last). They were both just so happy and so instantly in love - showing as such by completely smothering their little brother with kisses, cuddles and near-crushings. Eli in particular is very passionate in his affections - it has been a challenge to encourage the sweetness whilst also tempering the enthusiastic physical demonstrations a little bit! We really had to draw the line when he was trying to pry open the eyes of his sleeping little brother - eek!

The first look at little brother

Beautiful little sentiments burst forth from their hearts and mouths all through their visit and I'm so glad David was filming so we can go back and soak up all the cuteness. Lily kept exclaiming things like 'I like this new baby! I love him! I love you, little brother! I'm so happy!' and pretty much just gushing non-stop, cooing into his sleeping ears. I just about melted into a puddle when in the midst of the visit Eli was proudly cuddling Miles on the big bed and I heard him sweetly whisper 'Baby, 'dis your new family!'. What an introduction, huh? *tear* 

Barely able to contain their excitement at the first cuddle... they have waited nine LONG months for this!

Love it, just so typical.!
Eli - I'll just swing my legs in the air while I wait for my hold. WHAT A BOY!

The visit was delightful chaos - excitement, cuddles, kisses, taking turns holding and getting to know Miles. Lily was also excited to point out that now the baby was born, I wouldn't be sick any more - good point, kiddo and yes, I'm happy about that too! The kids presented a stuffed toy (a rabbit and a teddy) to Miles that they had chosen out for him as gifts. Miles, the very organised newborn that he is, had somehow arranged ahead of time (via Google perhaps?) to have gifts ready to present to his new siblings too - a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos (a classic and very well recieved) as well as a real stethoscope! After all the midwife visitors the kids were so pleased to get their very own real stethoscope to monitor the heartbeat of baby, each other and any other passers by they can coerce into a check up!

'Dis your new family, baby!'. 

She is a natural. So gentle and affectionate, always cooing 'sweet nothings'
to her little love!

Three kids - wow. I can't even do the numbers on the various relationships and dynamics between a trio that will now emerge. No doubt there will be ups, downs and every-shade-of-in-between ahead, but I am grateful today for a joyful, loving start to this trio's sibling relationship!

First family portrait...
Miles looks like he has some serious concerns about joining this crazy family! Sorry buddy, you got us for LIFE!!

Is that a button nose or what?!

Preparing to head home with our new family member...


  1. So beautiful! You look incredible Kate, a glowing new mummy! Eli and lily are so sweet and if their relationship with one another is anything to go by I'm sure all 3 will get along just fine! Look forward to watching miles grow in the coming year, he is just gorgeous!! Xx

    1. thank you so much! yes im excited to see them grow together as three :)

  2. What a beautiful document of Miles' first day Kate. I loved reading yoru recount of how the "meeting" unfolded. Hilarious that baby viewing Miles trumped any sort of feelings of jealousy from your too. Of coarse after the huge lead up to his birth it was always going to be this way!
    "Dis your new family" - best welcoming line EVER! Eli you are a sweetheart :)
    You did so well to get all of these photos. The last one of you - what a gorgeous new Mama to three!

  3. They are all adorable photos but the one you titled "She is a natural" made me stop in my tracks. She has such a look of love and contentment on her face- you can see that she is, indeed, a natural, and her love shines through. It made me a little teary eyed!

    What a beautiful family!

    1. aw thanks Nicole, what a lovely comment and so lovely you see Lily as she is indeed is - yes she is just so content and happy and in love w her little bro!

  4. Love this family and what a great occasion this must have been for all of you. Such happy smiling faces, it makes me smile every time I look at them. The family pic is great, along with all the others. Lily looks like a mother in the making for sure. xx Marg.

  5. Um, Kate, I'm sure I already commented using my ipad but I can't see it here, so apologies if you hear from me twice...I love this set. Firstly, you look A.MAZE.ING! That new baby glow is all around you! The one of the kids waiting for a cuddle is so precious too! How wonderful to document this first meeting as a family of five.

    1. oh your other comment didnt show up i guess so thanks for commenting again! was so happy Mark captured that excitement of the first visit, it was a very special time indeed :)

  6. oh isn't he perfect! So many beautiful photos, love the one of Miles and Dad sleeping, Lily and Eli waiting for their first cuddle and the family photo is fantastic, love the look on Miles' face :) And you look stunning, clever mumma!

  7. Miles is so divine, I would so love to get my hands on him! Your three kids have the exact order of genders that mine do and Lily seems so much like Indigo as the maternal older sister. I love the photo of the big kids waiting to have their first cuddle of Miles, so, so cute. These are really lovely photos to have of your first day all together.

    1. thankyou - he is perfect for snuggling these days :) love that our trio (still getting used to that!) have same gender order... Indigo is such a gorgeous big sis! xx


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