Friday, 4 January 2013

It Takes Two.... or Three?

I heard wails (happy out-of-key wails) coming from the family room so wandered in to investigate and found these two. 

Rocking out on their microphones on their retro little Fisher Price cassette player (no batteries, these kids do not need further amplification!!). 

Lily and Eli were laughing, squealing and giggling together, extremely pleased with their cacophony. No sweet songs, just droning out words in unison for their own amusement, e.g.

'Iiiiiiiiiiiii Looooooooooooooooooooooooovee Youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu'
'Iiiiiiiiiiiii Looooooooooooooooooooooooovee Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese'

And so on...

Eventually morphed into some actual songs, thankfully - such a cheeky noisy duo!

You can almost hear them through the computer screen, can't you?!

The look of sibling love...

These two share such a special bond. Best friends, and partners in crime, silliness and various hi-jinks. First port of call for fun, games, consoling cuddles, tickles and imaginary play. I get emotional just looking back through this blog at all the amazing little moments shared between them over this past year. What a friendship has developed... the devotion they share is simply heartwarming.

I can't help but be thinking lately what it will be like when a third is introduced into their mix. I admit I feel just a little sad at the upcoming change in their bond and dynamic - even though I know change is good and another sibling to love is a blessing. It's a bit like when first time mothers get nervous about introducing a second child and wonder if they could love that second as much as the first and feel wary of how it will change the relationship they already have... Funnily enough, I never really did feel that when expecting Eli - I knew I could love that second child just fine (and indeed my heart expanded accordingly) and strongly believe in the benefit of siblings so didn't grieve the time shared. Yet this time I feel a little nervous about what it will be like for them when they don't only have each other as friend and ally and playmate... does that make sense? Like, will the increased relationship options dissolve a little of their bond with each other?

These two have such an established bond it is strange to think of how it might change with a third. Two against one? Boys against girl? Who knows. I know there is no accounting for personalities, that the dynamics between the three will ebb and flow as they age - but have been reassured by parents of 3+ kids that watching the multiple relationship dynamics form between three or more kids is a wonderful thing - more complex, yes, but richer. And I will work just as hard to build, cherish, treasure and train these three in strong sibling relationships, nurturing their bond as a trio just as I have between Lily and Eli.

Believing in the principle, blessing and benefit of growing up with multiple siblings, (although it is hard to believe right now in any bond more precious than what Lily and Eli have), I know that there will be beautiful adventures to be had, character-building challenges to overcome, and a childhood (and beyond) of memories, fun and a shared life to live with this upcoming Band of Three. Building on the powerful connection already established between these two little friends.... well, that can only be a good thing, right?!

Can anyone else relate? (Or is it just me?!) Got experiences to share? Please do!


  1. how adorable are they! Great photos :)

  2. That was like reading my own thoughts!! My girls have this great relationship and we are thinking about number three but I worry how this will change things for them too. I will be following along to see how it goes for you!! I am sure it will all be fine and it's just that we don't know what to expect right now. When you have three you will probably wonder what you ever worried about! x

    1. so glad you can relate- funny, when i was checking out your gorgeous blog, and your girls, their tender relationship really reminded me of my two! i guess such loving kids can only do well to have more to love huh? i think it will change things but change can be good huh... so true that its not knowing what to expect - well, not long till bub is here and hope it inspries you to join the #3 club so we can see more cuteness :)

  3. Oh Kate a fabulous photo series... So much love and light and laughter going on!
    I was no 2 of 3 kids (4 years older than my little sister, 2 years younger than my brother)... Must say it SUCKED having a little sister for many years, especially as I was a tomboy and she was a girly girl. But we grew up to be very close.... It's all just personalities and how you click together, I think (okay, and just a tad of petty jealousy at being usurped as the baby!)

    1. thanks for sharing your thoughts! a big age gap like 4 yrs can change things too i think i can imagine feeling it when a baby came along after 4 yrs! (a zillion different dynamics huh depending on age and yes as you said, personalities). lovely to hear you grew up close, i really hope that for my kids!

  4. I have had your blog on my mind re looking after babies and when I read these verses this morning just fell in love with them again and wanted to share: II Thessalonians Chap 2 verse 7 & 8 "But we proved to be gentle among you, as a nursing mother tenderly cares for her own children". Even though written in the context of how we share the gospel I love the tenderness it imparts to us as mothers."

  5. They do have the most delightful and strong bond. I love how they can be funny, silly, gentle, playful together and they just seem to "get" one another. It is just lovely to watch.
    I guess it is one of those things that you can't predict but I would take a stab and say that Lily and Eli's special bond will remain, but just like a parent makes room in their heart for another child, Eli and Lily will make room for this little one.
    If there is any two people who can help your three build from two - it is you and Mark!


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