Thursday, 3 January 2013

A Delightful Dip

A lovely, lazy day.

The whole family snuggled on the couch watching 'A Muppet's Christmas Carol' in the morning. I mean, what could be more indulgent than watching a movie in the morning?! Craaaazy-town, huh?! ;) Ok, I slept in then just watched the last half with the family, but it was deliciously snuggly and felt so cosy! The kids got gifted the movie for Christmas (thanks Marg and Dave!) and we finally got a chance to watch it - hooray, we now have an annual Christmas movie to watch for a good few years I think - very sweet and funny movie, I gotta say - and the kid's thought it was hysterical.

We then cruised down to the pool for a splash around. Mark finally got to see Lily's swimming in action and was literally open-mouthed shocked at her progress. Lil' champ!

I even did a few lazy breast-stroke laps in the pool and oh it felt good to get this preggie body moving, yet be so weightless! I have been so wrecked this pregnancy I have done no exercise at all... might need to do a few more pool trips, methinks!

Chilled out family day.... yep, just what the doctor midwife ordered! 

Such a ham. 

I am addicted to these little shoulders. 

Kid loves throwing herself into the water!

Big breath. then dive!

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  1. Looks like great fun. Nothing like water play. Love Lily's expressive hands and how you love Eli's shoulder (very cute) xx Marg.


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