Wednesday, 9 January 2013

My Eli // Right Now

Closely tracking a beetle's journey... with just a little interference!

My Project 366 is almost at a close. In fact, I have just three days left. Yes, this makes me feel strangely emotional...  but I am partially blaming my almost-38-weeks-pregnant hormones... I mean, I should be feeling relieved and not sad, right!? 

Anyway, before I chase down that rabbit  hole - I guess I just feel an urge to sentimentally wrap a few things up and one way to do that is to nab an idea from We Stood Together and do a couple of 'Right Now' posts, capturing the kiddo's current age and stage, at the end of this year-long photographic journey. 

So... here is Eli at 2.5 years old...

Playing with his sister, reading books, wrestles with Daddy, cuddles, building with blocks, being cheeky/making jokes, riding his scooter, his blue star blanket, his Bumblebee wheatbag, having visitors come over.

Sitting still, very mushy foods. 
Um, I'm sure there are more but just can't think of any... will add more later!

 Who are you?

I often marvel at you, little man. You are so wild and yet so tender. Such a crazy, kooky, excitable and loud boy and yet you show so many gentle characteristics too. You make a Mama's heart melt with your doting ways. You have the most adorable manners, saying a charming 'Fankchoo, Mummy!' for things I would never even think to expect a thanks for - like wiping your face after a meal (you little messpot!) or after I strap you into or out of your car seat. I love to hear your genuine thanks popping up even in these mundane tasks. I come out of my room wearing a dress and your eyes light up as you shriek 'Mummy, love your beyoooful dress!!'. You will win some lucky girl's heart one (faraway) day with that kinda talk, young man! Yesterday over dinner you even kindly pronounced out of nowhere 'Mummy, you got beyooful brown hair.' *melt*
You watch over me so tenderly, my dearest boy. After witnessing so many months of this pregnancy sickness, sadly you are accustomed to me not being at full capacity (perhaps it is all you recall? Ohhhh, that makes me sad). The slightest sigh or weary movement from me as I lug myself around and you pipe up 'You ok, Mummy? You sick? You frow up? You tired?' If I say yes to any of the above, I get a pat on the leg 'You rest, Mummy. Have good sweep (sleep)'. Truly. Who is this considerate kid?! 

One gesture I'm not sure I will be able to capture on camera but want to record is that when we sit together on the couch or snuggle into bed and I put my arm around those precious little shoulders of yours, you have started pulling away. 'Sit up, Mama' you order and the first time I eventually did lean forward with much confusion. You then put your teeny little matchstick arm against the pillow and pulled me back down. Yes, you wanted to put your arm around me. And so I am forced to gingerly lie against your little arm, trying not to snap it's twiggy little bone as you proudly clutch my shoulder - a boy caring for his mama as surely you have seen your Daddy do. Ok, (blaming hormones) the tears come to my eyes now... yes, you know how to melt my heart into puddles!

Eli, my man of wild emotions. You can go from 'bery, bery, sad' to a cheeky cackle in seconds. You cry big, you laugh big, you love big. You get so excited you have to throw your body around the room in a wild expression of the joy in your soul.... one minute a tough little man wrestling Daddy, the next minute happily dancing around the room with your sister whilst wearing one of her many fairy skirt!

You have a little bit of everything in you and with all that passion and charisma, will surely lead a wildly wonderful life. God bless you, son.



  1. That is so sweet that he wanted to put his little arm around you, I love it! So glad you have recorded it to remember forever :)

  2. I absolutely love the letter to your little one. You filled it with such love and admiration. Your kiddos are very lucky to have such a wonderful and caring mommy.

  3. I do love this post. I liked reading about Eli's likes and dislikes but your words about your little E were so precious. You have summed up his personality in those paragraphs.
    The way you describe how he does things BIG is so spot on. He has so much energy and passion. I will never forget one day that I took Eli to music class and he was upset about something and began crying immediately. Not just crying but went from calm to full on sobs, red face and tears soaking his face. It was all so sudden and really caught me off guard. But like you said, once I had talked to him and worked out what was wrong he was giggling and giving me that gorgeous scrunched up smile of his! He is a passionate lad!
    Love that little man of yours!

    1. thanks, lovely. ah yes you know him so well!! how he goes from 'end of the world' devastation to smiles and laughter in such a short amount of time, it can be hard to keep up, lol!

  4. Oh wow Kate, you have such an amazing gift of words...I loved reading these beautiful descriptions of your gorgeous kids. What a wonderful gift you have given them to read when they grow up.

    BTW, 4 seems to be the age of craft and collage at my house too. One of my most treasured possessions is the cardboard laptop my son made me (complete with it's own mouse, screen and keyboard) at four years old. Your description of Lily reminded me!

    1. aw thanks so much for your kind comment - surreal to think of the kids reading one day but will be awesome!

      UM HOW CUTE - a little laptop! yes, hang on that indeed, what a gorgeous gift :)

  5. Beautiful post Kate! I got teary too, and I'm not pregnant :) You have a wonderful way with words. Keep up the blog! You will not regret recording these precious moments.

  6. I have so loved watching little E grow! Miss the days of his curly hair, but he sure is growing into such a spunky dude! Full of character and love, what a joy!


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