Saturday, 19 January 2013

in her element

The boys go out as part of their Saturday morning routine of visiting the fruit and veggie grocer for our weekly haul. The Chicken Man (the gregarious owner who always wears a 'rooster crest' hat) is guaranteed to load Eli up with so many fruit samples he will without doubt come home absolutely covered in fruit juice stains. Totally worth it for a boy's morning out and a girl's quiet morning at home! 

Lily and I usually take this time to chill out and do something crafty/girly and today it was making 'butterfly prints'. She always gets super excited at time 'just for the girls'. I love how she savours and joyfully looks forward to these 'Mummy and Daughter' opportunities - she needs that one-on-one time, and so do I! As the new arrival's time inches closer, it is sweet to take time for quiet moments like these with my little lady. She is in her element  and I enjoy just soaking up her joy and creativity. 

Er  - don't mind her crazy 'scraped back, home-day' hair!!

It was her idea to do these prints and she had a very specific method in mind.
I just let her go for it!

Tonight I went out for a little bit of a 'last hurrah' dinner with a bunch of my dearest friends before I delve back into the consuming world of newborn life (night feeds and nappies)! I had been sooo looking forward to catching up with everyone and planning it was a good distraction from focusing too much on when baby was coming. It was the most enriching and delightful evening, full of good chats and laughs, sharing, stories and way too much food. Introducing various dear friends to each other, which always makes me happy. I came away feeling filled up in every way, and utterly grateful for such lovely, supportive friends - amazing women I am so blessed and honoured to know. Let's hear it for the girls!

39+1 weeks... dressing for comfort and now officially calling it - I am ready!


  1. Wow! You look fantastic! Good luck and I can't wait to hear your story when you reach 'the other side'. These mother-daughter rituals are just so important aren't they? Such a marvellous opportunity for little chats about life etc. Lily looks so impressed with her crafty creation.

    I wished I looked that good with my third pregnancy...carrying a 4.5 kg baby and measuring just under 160cm tall created an interesting profile that I remember fondly as something like a giant jellybean on legs ;-)

  2. You look incredible Kate. Lots of love for the exciting days ahead.

  3. Lily is adorable and I love her light and bright those photos of her are.

    And you my dear, woot woot! You are looking AHmazing for someone in their last week/s of pregnancy!!! I'm sure you probably feel heavy and all that other stuff that comes with 9 months of gestating a baby but gosh at least you look damn fine doing it!!! Wish I could have been there at that lovely dinner to support you in your last days as a mother of 2 and be there for you as you enter the realm of parenting 3 little cherubs. I feel like I have gotten to know you so well through your blog and your posts in documenting delight group and of-course the thoughtful and sweet comments you always leave on my blog. It's been a pleasure watching your pregnancy grow and I cannot wait to 'meet' your little man. I wish you a beautiful and joyus birthing experience Kate, I'll be sending birthing vibes for the next week :)


  4. Precious photos of a quiet but crafty morning with your girl! Love that Lily had a plan for her artwork :)

    You really do look AMAZING Kate. That black top looked gorgeous on you last night. x


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