Tuesday, 22 January 2013

he is here!

Just dropping in to say that our little man has arrived... and his name is Miles!

He was born via a beautiful water birth at the local Birth Centre yesterday, Monday 21st January at 7.38am. 

Miles is gorgeous, healthy and already completed adored by the whole family. We are pretty much all completely besotted... the kids can't stay away  from him!

Birth story and so on to come - including many photos of course - but for right now we are just settling in at home and getting to know each other. Right now he is just a very chilled out and sleepy little bear! 

Welcome, sweet baby boy!


  1. Beautiful boy! Lovely to see him. I am really looking forward to your birth story and Amber's pictures. Hope you are getting some rest. Love to you all.

  2. Congratulations again Kate! You grew and birthed a perfectly wonderful little man. Enjoy these precious first few weeks xx

  3. beautiful beautiful!!!! so glad everything went smoothly!!! can't wait to hear his birth story. hope you all are doing great!!!!

  4. Congratulations Kate! He is gorgeous and suits his name very well! Cant wait to read about the birth story! xx


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