Sunday, 6 January 2013

Making a Glorious Mess with Shaving Foam Paint

It was a hot day so I decided to let the kids hang out in our indoor swimming pool (aka the bath!). I quickly mixed up some Shaving Foam Paint to give them something extra fun to play with. (Side note: I just opened up that previous post link and almost wept at Eli's glorious blonde ringlets... how I miss them!). This time I let the kids start painting without any water in the bath so the foam didn't dissolve too quickly - they loved that.

A glorious mess of bath/tile/body/hair/mouth (yuck) painting was made and despite how stained their little bodies looked at the end, it all washed off no problem. Creative messy play, keeping cool and busy happy kids - yep, all round winner!

Yes, he painted himself a beard.... 

Very serious work going on...

Ummmmm - what are your plans with that paint?!

I did wonder if he would be a permanant little blue Smurf!


  1. Kate, that is an AWESOME way to spend an afternoon.... And it makes gorgeous pictures to boot! I love their unguarded expressions (and marvellous paint jobs!)

  2. Ha! I love the expressions you've captured.

  3. Brilliant!! I love her whimsical concentration in the fourth photo. And I read in the previous post that they are only three weeks away from meeting number three. THREE WEEKS!!! I am so happy that I have had my last child but I am super excited to meet your new addition! Thinking of you in these last uncomfortable weeks Kate.


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