Thursday, 17 January 2013

nest + rest

We are in the zone and starting to bunker down into our little nest. We reside in that funny little space in time when you know life is about to radically change in wonderful, crazy, expected yet unexpected ways - at any unknown and uncontrolled moment!

Preparing our hearts and home for a new family member.... it's always a surreal time, whether it's your first or your fifth (or so I imagine and don't ever plan to know for sure, haha).

How am I? Exhausted. Excited. Achy. Happy. Hormonal (ohhhh, the hormones!). Spaced-out. Grateful. Content. Sometimes vomiting, usually at least slightly nauseous. Did I mention tired?? Wavering between wanting to savour these moments of life 'as we know it' and eagerly anticipating the new stage to come. Bring it on....

The kids ask every day if today is the day 'the new baby' will be born. They are sooooo excited and so ready to welcome this little one into their lives. They have so much love in their hearts (and so many eager little hands!). I cannot wait to see them experience life with their new baby sibling. After witnessing Lily with Eli's arrival, I now know to eagerly anticipate the incredible joy and blessing it is to see your children love and care for each other. Sibling love is the sweetest. This baby has so many snuggles coming!!

Getting the bassinette warmed up with some practise with Baby Susan

Dolls are good but these two are ready for the real thing.... though not sure if
the real baby will be quite ready to be smothered with their love!!

I am pottering through my days. Trying to slow down. Often failing, but trying! I'm putting together a photo book online of my 366 Project (so I can order a hard copy - I need evidence, haha!). It brings back memories of when I was pregnant with Lily. The year before, Mark and I had taken an incredible whirlwind trip around the world (South Africa, Argentina, Brasil and Malaysia - yes, a deliciously random mix!). In those weeks before and after Lily's arrival, I finally put together a scrap book of our 'Trip of a Lifetime'... this was back in the day when I actually did the old 'print photos, stick them in a book with collected memorabilia' thing - not all online like I am now!

Oh, those quiet days sifting through international memories, putting together that book... it was so soothing! Anticipating the life change of our first precious child. It was delicious, being ready as we could be, and waiting to meet her. In those heavenly weeks after she arrived, with her quickly settling into a newborn routine of eating and sleeping (yes, she was an angel baby), and with all the 'back to ground zero' space that a new child brings to your life, I would spend nap times and evenings quietly working on the book while Mark worked through an impressive to-do list during his paternity leave.

Now here I am, working on a similar project but this time with two busy little people already in my life, so of course just a bit less time to create at leisure!! And certainly even less time after baby's arrival too, with two littlies to also keep occupied - hence why I am trying to get this book done now. And yet this project is filled with 366 good reasons why a very different 'adventure of a lifetime' - experiencing life with two young hearts - is such a worthy (if somewhat exhausting) filler of our time!

'Awww, Lily, it's my turn to hold baby!!'Yeah, something tells me I will be hearing a lot more of this!

I am feeling ready to welcome this new baby... well, as ready as one can be with such a precious yet unknown little quantity! Looking forward to taking on the incredible and beautiful challenge of birth, whatever it may be. Trying to make it to the birth centre this time but not feeling anxious about it. Birth is so unpredictable but I go into it with positivity and excitement. I think birth is such an amazing privilege and process for women to go through, a rite of passage through which we become mothers. Hard, yes, but oh, so worth it.

Most of all, I am thinking of this little one almost just within reach and pray fervently that he is healthy and strong and will come into this world safely where we can love and cherish him. I would truly appreciate prayers for these things from anyone so inclined!

You are already so loved, little one. I pray you are soon safely in my arms!


  1. Oh, this is too sweet. My husband and I have been back and forth about whether we want another one and this post has almost persuaded me. Those two just look so excited!

    1. doooooooooooo it!!!!!! :) having siblings old enough to understand what is happening really does take it to an extra level of fun and joy :)

  2. ooooh I can feel the anticipation jumping off the screen Kate! I am so proud of you for going into your little nest, resting, taking time as a family unit and slooowling down. I know that the last bit is hard to master, especially when our little ones like the fast paced life so much!

    Our family are very excited about the soon to be arrival of your baby boy. Finn askes most days "Is Kate's baby here yet?" ...closely followed by "What will it be called?" Don't get me started on how many questions and follow up questions he asks after I tell him that you won't be telling us the name until he is born!

    You have all waited so patiently for your little baby. Something that isn't easy to do, especially with all the sickness you have had.

    Wishing you the most amazing birth. I feel exactly the same way as you. Birth is no walk in the park but I love it and really feel it teaches and prepares us for motherhood/or the next step in our motherhood journey.

    Love to you all! xxx

    1. aw Finn, he always makes me smile. I try to comprehend ALL the questions I imagine he is asking, but he seriously makes questions out of things I would never have even thought of!!!! so thanks for responding to them all, it is just so sweet that he is so excited too, cant wait to introduce he and harper to our little one - and reveal the name of course :)

      yes, almost there now and we are all getting very excited and very ready. you have been cheering me on through the WHOLE process so big love and thanks to you for that, dear girl! xx

  3. Kate, I really do love reading your posts. You have a way of making the reader feel like they are right there with you and experiencing your feelings. Maybe you should write a book someday? I am excited for your new baby and anticipate seeing your littles play with the new baby. I have two older kids and a baby and the interactions and love they share is absolutely beautiful. I wish you all the best during labor and delivery and for a healthy baby.

    1. wow Leann I am so flattered and touched by your kind comments and to think anyone would think i should write (and they would read) a book by me!!! You are very kind. Makes me so happy to think I can convey ok what I am trying to share with others, it's what I love to do. Glad to hear from someone already there what a joy it is to see the older kiddies loving on the new baby... so excited to see that myself soon :)

  4. What an exciting time for your family! I love the anticipation of your little ones! I wish you the best with the entrance of your new addition.

  5. Oh yes I can feel the excitement, anticipation. I am def on the alert FROM NOW ON for any phone calls. Love Marg.

  6. Such an exciting time for you all, Kate! I will most definitely pray for your little man's safe arrival and that the birth will be a beautiful experience for you all. Can't wait to "meet" him!

  7. Oh their excited faces!! Come on baby. I an definitely ready!!! Really thinking of you all Kate.


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