Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rolling those Suitcases Home...

Two cheeky monkeys hiding out in the emptied suitcase!

Camp is over and after a flurry of farewell hugs, and sneaking in one more visit with friends on our way home to get some delicious new-baby snuggles, we are home.

Oh, it is good to be home! 

The kids were slightly shocked to be leaving... I think Eli thought we were going to live at Camp Challenge forever. 'Fankchoo (thankyou for) Camp Challenge, Mummy!' he piped up from the back seat, unprompted, on the drive home. Such an appreciative little man!

It was a beautiful retreat from daily life. Spiritually refreshing, relaxing, tiring, fun and memorable. The children seemed to age at least six months in six mere days - such is the nature of a big adventure filled with new activities, people, learning, games and room to roam and explore with refreshing independence. So grateful for this annual blessing - time to get away from daily life for renewal and refocusing. God is good.

So, it is now 2013. A new year upon us and one I eagerly look forward to for our family. Musings on 2013 are to come but for now, suffice to say.... it's good to be home!

Lily shutting the suitcase lid is a source of much merriment!


  1. Love how children find fun in everything.

  2. I use to pack myself up into suitcases when I was a kid! This brings back so many memories. :-D

    Looks like your kiddies are having a ton of fun!


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