Monday, 31 December 2012

Camp Challenge Day Five: Dirt and Dress Ups

Noah and Eli  just happened to turn up at camp both with 2nd hand
red/blue versions of the same shorts...
so coordinated, they must have been texting each other?!

Oh, these two girls! Ella and Lily sat together at every meal at camp and nattered away like two old ladies! It was
hilarious and sweet to listen in to their conversations. This was quite an important chat happening about who was
going to be what fairy/princess at what time and so on!

'Ella, how about you be Aurora and I be Aurora and there is two Auroras??'

When he gets hot, he gets these little beads of sweat across the bridge of his nose. One of those teeny little things
that absolutely slays you as a mother - just because it's just a part of your little one and you know
it about them and love it simply for that reason!

My lovely friend Nicole taught the preschooler's Bible class at camp and did an amazing job - fabulous craft and
meaningful lessons. The kids loved it! Here are Lily, Ella, Noah and Eli 'reading' their teeny Bibles!

Eli gets up close and personal with the Fruit of the Spirit

A tribe of little ones invented all kinds of adventure at camp and one big project was just digging in this spot of dirt
with sticks, then filling the holes. Kids getting dirty - yep, ain't nothing better!

Putting their own girly spin on it (filling the hole with flowers to make a fairy well), these two were not afraid to get grubby either!

The New Year's Eve activities were hotly anticipated by the kids as a chance to
dress up - the theme was Movie Stars/ Characters so here we have Peter Pan
(or Peanut Pants as he says) and Snow White!

Always finding adventure!


  1. Looks like you all had such fun!

    - Tara.

  2. Aww girl I'm about to cry. Those pics of the girls and then the four of them digging...LOVE. They're framers (esp that one of the 4 of them tho Lily's back is to camera...just a fun pic though) or keepers for an 18th :-) Or if nothing else the camp website!!! Sweet times.

    1. going back through this post I realise it's pretty much a reflection of the sweet friendships developing between our kids - what amazing childhood memories they are building together. Yay for us too huh :) love these four!


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