Sunday, 2 December 2012

a long list of thankfulness

About a year ago, we started a family list of things to be thankful for. A long strip of paper hung on our wall and we would add to it regularly over a month or so... the kids coming up with all kinds of gorgeous things to be grateful for. It was lovely to have it hanging near our dining table, a constant reminder of the many many things we could be thankful for and always found something new to add! I had intended to wrap it up with a family reading of the list and some kind of act of recognition of all those things, but then we had a kitchen reno start, the paper list got rolled up and put in a cupboard and...


Yeah, I totally forgot about it! But I discovered it again recently so in the spirit of seizing the moment and keeping things simple (see?! I am slowly learning, lol...), I decided to just pull it out after dinner. We read through the Very.Long.List together and then the kids added some new things - Lily then drew pictures on the paper of things she was thankful for, and so did Eli (well, he scrawled!).

We spent some time in prayer, thanking God as a family for the many blessings He rains down on us so richly. For the month of December, I really want us to focus on giving back to others, serving, doing acts of kindness, etc so this turned out to be a nice kick off. We have been richly blessed and we are even more blessed when we focus on giving rather than receiving. Something I deeply desire to impart to my children and something I constantly want and need to remind myself of too.

Disclaimer: These photos were actually taken last week but I didn't post them on that day as something else came up that I posted about. Today was actually a mad crazy day with our flooring getting drilled up, and I didn't take any photos, as I decided to make this my post for today. This is called making my Project 366 work for me and not the other way around! ;) 


  1. That's really lovely Kate. It is such a great gift you are giving your kids, to look out and name things they are grateful for.
    I love that you added to your list after a little break.
    What sweet things your kids have thought of - "all the people of the world" How gorgeous...and so inclusive, everyone gets a shout out! ;)
    Just lovely Kate.

  2. That is awesome. What an amazing thing to do as a family and to look back over and realise what you have been thankful for. I am stealing this idea :)

  3. What a beautiful idea!! I'm absolutely going to do this. Such a powerful visual reminder to keep available for all the days we forget how truly blessed we are. Would love to hear some of the ideas the kids shared! xx

  4. Beautiful Kate! That is one heck of a long list. Such a special way to kick of the Christmas season:)

  5. I love this. Such a fabulous thing to do, especially as a family.
    And I love that you make the photo-a-day project work for you, that's the way it should be :)


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