Thursday, 20 December 2012

Christmas Tree Decorating

Well, it's only five days before Christmas and the house (and I) are finally recovered enough to set up the tree and all associated hoopla! We would normally be right on that baby come December 1st so I have been just a little eager to get on this!

With Christmas carols jingling in the background, we set up the tree and the kids went to work. Yes, while I placed the nativity and decorations on the side table and front door etc, we watched the kids decorate the entire tree. Not an ornament was missed - every single one was placed on the tree with determination and care. Lily was slightly hysterical with anticipation - sparkly things and decorating!? She was in her element - soooo my girl. Eli was also adorably excited and I could not stop laughing as he somehow strategically decided to place as many blue baubles as he possibly could on one single branch. Every time he placed one, he would bellow and jump up and down shrieking with excitement. My funny little E-bear!

Mama was also happy... I just love pottering around, decorating my little nest with Christmas ornaments that had been tucked up in our big Christmas box - collected since we started our little family eight years ago, and already filled with memories.

My Dad and hubby lounged around, alternating watching and assisting the kids. So chilled out, just how I like it!

Ahhhh.... now this is Christmas! 

Ready to decorate!

Marvelling at his handiwork - a cluster of baubles!

So much care and love in her decorating!

Hmmm... I think this just needs a few more!

E surveys his handiwork.... why yes, this tree appears perfectly balanced! ;)

Lily and Eli both have a special little personalized ornament from
paper boat press with their birth year also engraved on the back. I love them.
Can't wait to add a third precious star in 2013!

Tree all done - time for our Christmas advent book for the night, accompanied by hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Our Christmas Corner. Our little tree looks rather small in this big house (it suited our little townhouse so perfectly) -
perhaps in the future we will look at a bigger one but for now we still love our little glowy white tree!

Ok, I have to admit I 'adjusted' the tree decorations after the kids were in bed. Not so much because I cared about the crazy imbalanced distribution (it was rather charming) but because there is not much more sweetly soothing than sitting there in the glow of the tree, arranging pretty ornaments! Yes, I enjoyed my quiet decorating time and the kids didn't notice in the morning so let's call it a win-win?!


  1. These are brilliant Kate, I love the collection of baubles from Eli decorating the tree. A beautiful collection and great memories of Christmas with your lovely family.

  2. That is so so sweet, I love this! We didn't put our tree up this year because we're going to NZ for xmas so just kind of didn't bother... this makes me wish we had!


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