Thursday, 6 December 2012

christmas creeping in // ornament painting

Oh, Christmas - it is a truly wonderful time of the year! 

Especially when you have little kids through which to capture and see a-new the magic and wonder of the season. 

To say I am itching to get our tree out and house decorated would be an understatement. However, renovations, dining tables in the lounge room and dust and relocated house-hold items everywhere means we cannot for another week or two. Not the end of the world, especially when we are really grateful to finally get these floors done. So I will attempt to be slightly more mature than my children and wait patiently. **Note, I did say 'attempt'**


Well, though the house is in chaos and life can be too, we can slowly start to introduce some Christmassey goodness anyway! We started last night with gathering around the computer and singing Christmas carols along with our new Christmas CD. It was simply precious family time. Then continued today with painting some ornaments. Oh, I have so many Christmas thoughts, plans, ponderings and family traditions to do and share but just like the Christmas decor set up, this year they must unfold slowly... a little late... but definitely still coming and better than never. I cannot wait!!!

A most wonderful time of the year....

A fairly aggressive painting technique!

Taking her task so very, very seriously!

Um.... I could take photos of little paint splattered hands all day. Actually, I think I will!!! :)

Oooh, ahh, he is signing the American Sign Language gesture for 'I love you'. Clever boy or unintentional!? I will let you decide...

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  1. You captured some amazing moments, I just love every single one of these photos! :)


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