Wednesday, 26 December 2012

The Day Between

Ok, it's probably bad parenting to let them ride the scooter in the house...
but while they are still fairly slow and wobbly we are letting them cruise
around a bit. Soon will be relegated to an outside toy!
But yay for hardwearing floors that aren't bothered by it!
(No idea why he is wearing that huge jacket, btw)

Lily loves this thing. And her new fairy outfit from a kind relative!

Soon we are off to a Christian family camp near Sydney. The kids are so excited they have taken to just sitting in the
car waiting to go!! 

SERIOUSLY EXCITED. Although I'm pretty sure it's impossible he remembers camp from last year, he keeps squealing
how excited he is to go! 'I CITED FOR CAMP CHALLENGE!'  Love this kid...

Ok, for some reason at 10pm at night, after feeling sick and vomiting all day,
I remembered and decided to cross 'take belly pic' off my list as ppl have
been kindly asking for evidence.
Here I am in all my worn out, 8 months (36 wks) glory... one month to go!!

Cannot wait to meet this little one - yep, you can kinda see a foot kicking me
near the belly button!


  1. Lovely pictures of the kids enjoying their toys...and your belly pics are beautiful! I just LOVE the one with your little one's foot - it's truly amazing!

  2. Oh my, I just love those excited little faces!! That last one of Eli is awesome. And those photos of look gorgeous!! How do you manage to do it? I mean, 2 young kids and being so sick, and keeping up with your blog, plus a million other things you do that I am unaware of. You make it seem so easy, Kate!

  3. You look beautiful. No one would know what a physical struggle you have endured! It will be amazing to see the first pictures of Baby Three. All the very very best for 2013 inspiring lady.

  4. Oh lovely belly pics!! You are so gorgeous, and so tiny for 36 weeks! So sad to hear you're still so sick though, praying for a beautiful, smooth birth for you :)

  5. Just adorable... love pregnant woman... beyond words! Wishing you just the best for the coming year with your new family of 5, hehe!

  6. Kate, you really do look amazing in those bottom shots. No one would know that you have been and are still so sick unless you put in the caption. I think the smile in the last shot is because you do know that the final countdown in FINALLY on!

    Can't get over that little foot! Our bodies are so incredible.


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