Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Book Advent // Reading our way to Christmas!

After stumbling across this lovely idea both here and  here, I immediately knew I had hit the jackpot for our perfect Christmas Advent tradition for the kids - one not involving chocolate, lots of gift purchasing (um, they already have plenty coming!) or a whole lot of unsustainable work for a Mama who's Christmas motto is to aim for the most effect for the least effort! ;) 

Due to life's current upheaval and chaos (pregnancy sickness, renos, etc), I decided to start off with a 12 day count-down this year, rather than 24. I managed to gather twelve Christmas-themed books without purchasing a single one! Just from the random collection we had that had been gifted or handed-down in previous years (it just took a good hunt through our book shelves as they were mixed in with all the rest) and then supplemented with a few from my Mum's infinite children's book collection! 

Wrapped half the books before I remembered to snap a pic - will try to
remember after Xmas as I would like to remember our first little collection!

In  the spirit of keeping things simple, I wrapped them in newspaper and ribbon. I thought about numbering them but figured the kids would have fun getting to choose out their book - though I might number them next year to convey the 'count down' a little more clearly - and the kids alternate choosing a book each day. 

I am so happy with this little tradition - a fun count down and a way to share a little extra book love and cosy togetherness in the lead up to Christmas. Something I can easily pack away and re-do year after year. I am already enjoying building memories with the kids of special Christmas books that will be read year after year... perhaps slowly phasing out the younger ones (not sure how many years I can keep Spot's First Christmas in rotation!) for more mature books.

One of many sweet and simple traditions I am slowly introducing each year, to help build family bonds and sweet memories during this Christmas season...

Twelve Days of Christmas Book Advent!


  1. Such a super idea! They look so cute sitting together and at the same time nurturing their love for reading!! :) have a very happy Christmas if I am not on here until after the fact!

  2. What a great idea. Simple and memorable. I recognise some of these books. :)xx

    1. yes quite a few gorgeous ones from you guys, I was very thankful!!! Funnily the stable one is still in the pile - i thought they would pull that out first as its biggest but not yet! May have to give them a nudge tomorrow night as im dying for them to open it :)

  3. Oh such a great idea! Might have to start hunting and do this one next year:) (I'm not bit on the chocolate advent calendar either).

    Another tradition we did a few years ago was do a twelve days of Christmas and bought or made 12 small gifts and phantom'ed them to friends doorsteps each night leading up to Christmas... (With a written line of the song- changed up a little to match the gifts) it was SO much fun- a bit of effort but so worth it. They never found out who it was, but were talking about it for ages:D

    1. oh fiona, i love the sound of that tradition - what a beautiful and fun idea!!! the kids would have LOVED it too, i am sure. would love to try that one year - thanks for sharing, i just love hearing about different tradtions!

  4. Love this so much!
    I like how you have found something that works for your family right now. I am so with you on books like 'Spot'. There are a few we read this year that I think with be stretching it if I included them next year ;)
    I think the book choices each year are what makes it such a special tradition. Some books will stay the same every year but as the years pass there will be new, more complex titles stepping in :)
    Hope that your kiddies enjoy the twelve books!


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