Saturday, 29 December 2012

Camp Challenge Day Three: Kids just wanna have Fun!

Pool time fun with Samantha

A blow-up jumping castle and slide provided much entertainment...

An amazing sand-art activity where you peel sticky paper then pour on different colours of sand had both
kids and adults enchanted!

It was hard to mess up, even with eager 2.5 year old hands!

Summer Camp days are made for icypoles

Eli, Lily and Noah chill out and enjoy their treat!

One of my favourite things at camp is seeing the children make a huge leap in independence. Free to roam about and
explore, it warmed my heart to see this little tribe of kiddos creating all kinds of adventure for themselves.
Here they intently involved in trying to dig a hole with sticks and filling it with various fauna, for a purpose I don't even try to understand! 

Sitting and chatting with friends whilst loosely watching the kids run around, caught up in their magical world?
Pretty much perfection!
This yearly retreat is a wonderful time for them, exposed to so many lovely people of all ages, new activities and wild adventures. They come away so much more grown up and independent, with hearts and minds filled!

A complex fairy game was underway throughout camp. Lily and Ella flew around on
various missions and capers, it was charming to say the least!

Who is this little dude just roaming around and exploring? Oh, my little E-Bear.... love you!


  1. wow looks like a fun time was had by all :)

  2. Kate, I love the shot you got of the kids at play. All in little groups, all playing with intent. It really does say something about giving kids space to create their own play. It's great that they were at a place where this was possible :)


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