Sunday, 9 December 2012

christmas cheer with friends

Today was the Playschool Christmas Party - a lovely opportunity for all the kids and parents to gather, play, chat and relax together, with some joint marvelling at these ever-so-grown-up kiddos who are starting Pre-school next year!

The weather was warm, the trees were shady, the BBQ was sizzling up the sausages and everyone just generally had a merry old time!

Fairy ready to flitter-flutter away!
Face-painting always a hit...

My little tiger

The kids presented 'secretly made' hand print gifts to their parents with a sweet little poem about these hand-prints staying the same even as the child grows. Yes, guaranteed to bring a tear to a Mama's eye!

Good times in the sand pit

A photo-taking miracle. It was the end of the day, the kids were filthy (well, Eli was) and tired but I suggested a half-hearted attempt at a group photo. Some how they all sat happily, cheerily and IN ONE SPOT! We actually were the ones to tell them they could get down, we were all done w our snaps... a rare but lovely opportunity, haha!

Edmund, Finn, Lily, Harper, Zoe and Eli. This crew have been buddies since they were all in the womb! (not the same womb, ha) They are marvelous mates, and I sure hope it continues as their Mums are two of my most dear and lovely friends. Basically, we will force/bribe/cajole the kids to remain friends if necessary! ;) 


  1. Well, I just love this post so much! I am so proud of us - getting that photo of the six kids together. Now who would have thought your idea of getting a group photo would have actually come to fruition ;)
    It was such a lovely day, and a true joy to spend it with your family and Kristin's.

    1. i know - made me so happy to have both your family and Kristin's all together! and yes love the group pic - really wasnt expecting it to pan out! note finn and lily's little arms entwined - such sweetness :)

  2. These are brilliant and I love that you got a photo of six kids together. Gorgeous photos and I love the face paint.

  3. What a pretty spot. Looks like a wonderful day. So nice for those kiddos to have each other. And for the mamas to have a picture of them all together. Well done!

    So I guess if you have all have two a piece, and you're pregnant with number three, it must be.... Ambers turn next :)

    1. Tarnya - would you believe this is the playschool? gorgeous big leafy trees, it's just delightful!

      As for the 3rd kid thing.... well, I can ONLY agree!!!! :)


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