Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A 12/12/12 @ 12 Wedding!

Today we attended a wedding at the very special time of 12 midday...on 12/12/12! A special date for a very special couple - one of my dearest old school friends Ali (well, these days he gets called Alex but I just can't change with the times) marrying his beloved Stella. It was a charming day, with  love, romance, laughter, commitment and all those good things.... and the reception was truly magical decorated with a whimsical, vintage theme I just adored... seriously pretty and so many thoughtful, heartfelt and hand-made touches! Loved it all.

The highlight was the bridal couple and bridal party breaking into an incredible dance medley during the 'bridal waltz'. It was sooooooo funny and well done, my cheeks were seriously aching from laughing so hard... particularly to see my boys from our school days doing very well orchestrated dance routines! Love a wedding with a sense of humour and personality.

Nothing quite as sweet as witnessing two people commit to life and love together...what a privilege and a joy!

A beautiful day for a wedding on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin

Anxiously awaiting the commencement...

Father and Son - looking more alike every day!

Lily (and bump) eagerly straining for a glimpse of the 'wedding girl'

In Awe

A little post-ceremony bubble blowing...

What a dude!

A room filled with whimsy and romance - sigh!

Yes indeed - cutest wedding favours ever..... chocolate truffles inside!
The kids are in love with their mini-picnic baskets!

A charming entry - with the awesome sign hand-made by Ali (he is a carpenter). I suggested they use it as a coat-rack
at home! :)


  1. Seriously Kate how did you attend a wedding today then just whip up this post? You are amazing.
    What a sweet wedding. I love the shots you got of Lily waiting. You all looked so lovely in your outfits. You are right, Eli sis such a dude :)
    The bunting - so beautiful! Love me a bit of bunting :)

    1. heehee, the fact it was all finished by 5.30pm sure helped ;) This was all written after I collapsed into bed the minute I got home... literally 'downloading' after a big day :)
      I knnnooooowwww... i was tempted to take some of that bunting down and take it home like ppl were taking off w the flower centre pieces haha... (note i did NOT!).

  2. WOW.What an amazing date to choose to be married. Awesome photos of your family Eli looks so grown up with his new haircut.

  3. Ohhhhh pretty wedding!! Love it. Thank you so SO much for indulging our curiosities and posting lots of pics. There's nothing worse than hearing about an adorable wedding and then getting no photo's. Eli's hair is so short!! He looks so dapper ;) And Lily is looking so pretty. She reminds me a bit of a little snow white with those rose-bud lips. Can't wait to see what cuteness you are hiding in your belly! xx

    1. glad you enjoyed... yes I just love all those sweet details in a wedding and couldnt resist sharing, especially knowing the thought and effort that goes into them. Yes, Eli is looking so different w his new sharp cut huh - baby boy is growing all up!

  4. LOVE that picture of you all! Especially you with your bump :) Looks like a gorgeous wedding, and no excuses for hubby if he forgets his anniversary!

    PS I have friends who were married on 07-07-07.


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