Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Big Boy Haircut!

Another haircut today and I even let them use the clippers on the sides! His shortest cut yet.

This boy's hair just grows so fast and so thick, it had to be done or I'd be cutting it monthly. Turns out there is a whole lot of cheeky little face under there.... he looks so grown up!!! 


I am kinda just even more in love with this grown up boy with all this extra chubby face to kiss.... and he is uber-proud of his 'big boy haircut'!

Of course he remembered the prize of a lollipop from the hairdresser at the end
- big excitement!

Crunching his lollipop for maximum enjoyment.
(He has the exact same hair as Daddy - colour, texture, thickness and even
these super blonde little widow's peaks!

I hope you ain't thinking about taking this off me! 


  1. SUPER adorable photos! He looks so cute with that hair cut! I especially love the first one :-)

  2. It was onlt a matter of time before the clippers were needed! He looks so adorable. My first thought was he looks like a man ready for his first day in the Army - nice clean, short haircut ;)
    What a gorgeous boy!

    1. i KNOW huh - so clean cut! it's funny when your kids look changes so much, cant stop looking at him and those chubby cheeks which are highlighted even more now :)

  3. Oh wow Kate. It REALLY suits him! So handsome! I love long hair on little boys, but some little boys (mine included) look better with it short.

    1. thanks Tarnya! yeah i loved his scruffy little mop but gotta say there is something very charming about this neat little cut - a whole new boy :)


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