Tuesday, 4 December 2012


The worst of the drilling up of the old flooring (and inch of cement-sub-floor) is finally over. Not before it almost broke me, I must admit... and I wasn't even doing the drilling!!! Mark did an amaaaaaaazing job - four days of back breaking work. Finally, we can clean up some of the dust as Mark just does a bit more smoothing out before the new flooring is laid. The dust is so thick throughout our entire house, on every surface and in every drawer.... ugh! At least we can commence clean up now!!

However, the kids are fascinated and intrigued by the whole process. When they saw mounds of dust and rubble, they eagerly got amongst it and vigorously swept up piles of dust. Bless their enthusiastic and helpful little hearts - every aspect of life is an adventure to them! 

'More dere, Lily' Eli points out helpfully!


  1. What gorgeous little helpers you have. I bet there will be relief a-plenty when the floor is finished.

  2. Oh my goodness. You have described the dust to me, but the pictures really do bring it all home. Wow. So much dust.
    Aren't your little helpers just the best!


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