Saturday, 15 December 2012

a fun factory

We went to the party of a dear little friend who was turning three. The shindig was held at one of those indoor playground-type places - perfect for a crowd of kids on a rainy day! Lily has only been to this kind of place once or twice and I don't think since she was a very young toddler, so suffice to say both kids were wide-eyed and awe-filled at this wonderland!! They ran around like crazy things enjoying every bouncy/climby/jumpy thing on offer... 

And we enjoyed watching them entertain themselves and wearing themselves thoroughly out!

E had the time of his life dangling from this flying fox and then dropping double
his height to the ground. He smacked his nose once but still never gave up!

I just had to add this video of Eli on the little flying fox - he was just having so much  fun. Please watch on mute, my 'excited Mummy voice' is just horrendous!!!! But he is cute, so check it out!

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