Thursday, 27 December 2012

Camp Challenge - Day One

Today we packed up and trekked off to Camp Challenge - a Christian family camp near Sydney I have been attending since I was a teen! It has become a family tradition for our little crew, and Lily has been talking about it all year long (she even wanted to have her July birthday party there - it was a bit hard to explain why that was not possible as it only happens in December!). 

A week in the bush in a school-camp type facility, hanging out with lovely Christian folk from around the country. Mornings are filled with Bible classes and spiritual discussions, afternoons are filled with resting, chatting, swimming, activities and sports for those so inclined (not me, haha!) and evenings filled with fun and funny evening games and events. Six days away from the daily hustle and bustle to focus back on faith, family and friends. Reflecting back on the year that was and all that we hope and plan for in the year to come. Shaking off some of the outside noise of life and getting back to the heart of things, what really matters to me and mine, and the purpose behind this life we are privileged to live. I love it! 

This year I am still sick, heavily pregnant and all kinds of achy and exhausted, but still we went 'cos that's what our family does. I scaled back, I took it easy but I'm still glad we were there because it was a wonderfully refreshing and refocusing time, with my little family and my extended Christian one too. The kids had a ball of a time, just absolutely blissed out on the non-stop action and fun... and to many people's relief I did not give birth at camp either, lol!!

A week of adventure, deep chats, thought-provoking talks, long laughs and many, many wonderful memories....

Singing, snuggling, eating apples...

A big joy at camp is 3 x hot meals per day that I do not have to cook or organise! Plus 3 x snacks! Eating and chatting
with friends over every meal and watching the kids dig into all sorts of yummy dishes!

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  1. Yay so glad that you are back and blogging (man, you are fast at getting back into it!) It looks like a wonderful camp and one that everyone in your family enjoys so much. What a great time of year to have it too, to get away and bring things down a level and focus on what is most important to you.
    ...and yeah someone else cooking all the meals - what a treat!


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