Saturday, 8 December 2012

by the lake

Today, some very, very dear friends of ours came back from overseas for a little visit. A bunch of us gathered to catch up and reconnect, and oh, it was lovely. Miss those folks!! Will probably chain them to a fence so they can't leave.... oh, perhaps I should not have revealed that here?! Haha... was just kidding anyway! (or am I?)

A lazy afternoon in the shade by the lake, chatting with friends and watching the kids run wild - just lovely.

Eli and Lily marvel at Bailey's tree climbing!

Father and Son... ok, they have the same hair and colouring and now they are
even dressing alike?! 

'Squeeze Daddy's nose so he talks funny' became the hilarious game of the day.

Worn out from all the fun (and sun)

'Mama, I bery, bery tired'


  1. These are awesome photos Kate. I love when the two kids are on top of Daddy's knee. And the sleeping and sleepy ones of Lilly and Eli. They must have had a fab time playing and were extremeley worn out.

  2. How nice to catch up with old friends. I say kidnap them. I'll come and visit you in prison. Promise :)


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