Sunday, 6 January 2013



I have decided to participate in Project 52 this year... well, after Project 366, even 3 x 52 seems like a bit of a cake-walk!?! I wasn't really sure if I would do a structured project this year or just keep randomly blogging as I felt the 'blogging spirit' move me! I know without doubt I am in such a habit of photo-taking, I will always take a lot more photos than I used to... this project truly changed the way I see those little every day moments around the home (yep, the magic is everywhere, peeps!). But I am admittedly looking forward to the freedom of not having to take a photo/blog Every.Single.Day and also to be able to write about different things if I feel the urge (see above: blogging spirit!). Anyway, after getting into the groove of life again one week into this year, I've decided Project 52 also seems really manageable. Will be lovely to track this new baby's transformational first year that way, plus keep a weekly record of the older two as well.

So, whilst I'm not sure what or how I will go blogging after new baby arrives verrry shortly, I think I can commit to posting every Sunday night a portrait of each of the kids from the week - even if that means doubling up a photo pulled from something I have already blogged earlier in the week. Sorry if that makes it boring, heehee, but labelling it Project 52 will make it easy for me to make up a lovely album for each of the kids at the end of this year. And what a year it will be!!

So, without further ado, here are the portraits for this first week of January. I admit it was verrry hard to pick just one of each of them! But, for once, I will restrain myself from a photo-mega-dump! :) And in a very short amount of time, there will be three weekly portraits (um, wow!)....

P.S. Will be finishing up Project 366 at the end of this week too.... eek, the count down is ON!

Glorious summer time fun on the Slip N Slide for my life-loving girl!

My Fabulous Little Baker Boy

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."


  1. Aw, don't restrain yourself- the more photos, the better! What a fabulous expression you caught with your girl on the slip n slide, it makes me smile just looking at it.

  2. Yay for another "project" for you this year. I knew you would want some sort of structure for this year ;)
    Lovely piccies for the week. :)

  3. Take all the pictures! Although, I agree, not "having" to take a picture every day is kind of freeing. I didn't chase down the camera at all today! Looking forward to spending another year with you :)

  4. Lily is just pure joy in that photo, love it! Hannah also mastered the slip and slide this summer which was very cool to witness.
    And that little spot of flour upon Eli's nose! Could he be any more adorable?!


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