Sunday, 18 November 2012

...with babies alongside

An early morning playdate with their babies in the backyard before we left for church...

I love to hear them coaxing and comforting their babies, with coos of 'Ohhhh darling' and 'It's ok, sweetie, I gotchu...' emanating from the backyard. 

They crack me up, they melt my heart, they cannot wait to have a 'real' baby to cluck over!

C'mon honey, I'll take you for a ride...

Eli gets a cool idea - babies down the slide - why didn't we think of this earlier!?

Lily is quick and keen to join in on the fun

Mmmm, not sure this game will be permitted with the new baby... 


  1. These are gorgeous Kate. I bet you enjoy just watching them use their imagination for play. Looks like they had tonnes of fun with their dolls out and about in the yard today.

  2. Sweetest kids ever! They are going to make awesome siblings. As long as they hold off on the bike rides and slides for a while ;)


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