Friday, 16 November 2012

Catching Raindrops

Back home with my darling kiddos and back into the life we so gratefully call 'Ours'.

The rain started pattering down and the kids giddily and spontaneously started scampering around outside, attempting to catch rain drops on their pink little tongues. Squeals and giggles were heard aplenty!

Yes, these are the magical moments of childhood we are privileged to witness (and even participate in!), that I would not give up for all the world...

Blurry photo of unbridled joy!

Like Dis??!

Catching a few raindrops... for later?!

Hmmmm, I think it's getting a bit damp out there now!

Little Tongue

Ooh, rain drops!

A little while later it was the children's bath time and two little nudie rudie's were reportedly seen doing a crazy rain dance outside.... 


  1. What a priceless childhood moment! It's sad that as we grow older we lose the instinct to do things like this.
    BTW I LOVE that they did a nudie raindance!

  2. I love these Kate. Even the first one - does not matter at all if it is blurred, you have captured a magical moment. Isn't it great when we can all have such simple yet memorable fun together.

  3. That first photo is just fabulous! And that kids still love dancing (nudie) in the rain! Gorgeous!

  4. I know I am biased but love 1st 3rd and 4th pics. Well done Kate. xx


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