Sunday, 11 November 2012

baby girl loves to twirl...

The only thing she loves more than dresses is twirling around in them!

I quickly captured these shots as Lily was twirling around in her dress after church. I knew they were not 'the best' shots - much of me wanted to keep going and try to get some 'good' or at least 'better' magical twirling shots of my little Dancing Queen - however it was a day when near enough just had to be good enough... so I snapped a couple quickly and made myself put the camera down. After all, the aim of the game is to document the delight of my sweet child and that I have done, even if not 'perfectly' (arggghh, perfection!).


Because I am learning to accept ever so slowly that there is not time enough for 'all the things' that could be done, that would be nice to be done. For everything there is a season. It's been an  intense week around here, as Mark has been finishing his final (ever!!) exams for his post-grad studies, while he has also had the flu and started this week in a new section at work. Poor guy!

Meanwhile, I have not been feeling too well the last week or so and throwing up a fair bit. I mean, I am still generally not 100% in this pregnancy but the last week or so has been hitting me a bit harder. I am coming to accept that I am going to remain 'a little unwell' for probably the entire remainder of this pregnancy... not bouncing back as I have in previous pregnancies once I got through the roughest patch. To still be a bit sick is totally ok - especially as I can now mostly function (as opposed to being bed-ridden and totally dysfunctional as I was previously!) - so I am not complaining at all as I am so much better than I was!! But I guess I tried to eagerly jump back into life and my body is quickly telling me through nausea, vomiting and exhaustion that I am doing a little too much. Oops.

So, I can do somethings, but just not everything, all the time... but that sure is better than nothing, right!?

Anyway, I think I am just rambling but these are just my collected thoughts on trying to learn the lesson of pacing myself. It is a life-long lesson for me.... my parents used to frequently chastise me for 'burning the candle at both ends' as a teenager! But especially during this pregnancy, I guess I still need to learn to slow down. I really struggle with saying 'no' to others and also to myself (so many bright ideas of things to do, people to see!!). I am my own worst enemy in this regard... but the gift of this child within me is so worth my limited capabilities. So, friends, I will try to slow down and accept this season and my abilities for what they are. I am a slow-learner but I am grateful for grace!


  1. Kate, your words are so true. I think (for what it is worth) that you do a GREAT DEAL, possibly more than you give yourself credit for. You may not recognise it all the time, but others see it. Saying all that it is OK to slow down, say 'no' when your plate get a little full and just have a day/s where you go in your little bubble and look after yourself and your family and let go of all the extras.
    I am like you, I get frustated with myself that I didn't get all the things on my list done, didn't do any craft while looking after the kids, made a pretty average family meal etc, etc. It is easy to beat ourselves up for all the things that may have slightly slipped, BUT what about all the things we DID do? We need to stop and remember those things and say that that was enough :)

    Anyway, I think you are a wonderful mother, wife, friend - all of it! xxxxx

    1. thank you, kind friend! yes think im having to adjust my expectations now im realising im going to be likely sick for the rest of this pregnancy. Keeping to the basics sometimes can be a good thing! lightens the load AND the expectations :)

  2. I agree with Amber. Kate, your passion for life, for God, for you family is so transparent. I have the utmost admiration for all you do and even in your difficult times (pregnancy, exhaustion etc), you have maintained a love for everyone and recognising the beauty about your children and celebrating it even when you could not always physically be part of the action. You are doing great and doing an exceptional job growing a beautiful bubba that you already love so much. Keep going beautiful lady, you are doing amazing and your photos rock.

  3. Ummm, what Amber and Kylue said. PLUS those shots are not just OK. They ARE perfect and magical. My favourite bit is the shadow cast by her twirled out skirt. :)

  4. Wow that is a big week and I agree with the others as well ;) including the bit about the shadow of her skirt in the first cool! The second shot is beautiful too with the flowers in the background and the one behind her ear, it is just so pretty and girly. They really are lovely photos that perfectly capture the twirly skirt stage in a little girl's life.

  5. I agree, the photos are lovely, incl the flowers xx

    Take care Kate, I can so relate to the pacing yourself thing. Dave has been telling me that since we got married and I ignored, didn't understand, couldn't see a need. Such a hard thing to do when you want to do so much. Got to admit he was right and I am still learning. Age is on my side now for getting it right. Love you lots.

  6. You know I agree with you that things happen to us that are life lessons. Sounds like this pregnancy is teaching you some lessons about taking a step back and seeing that life still goes on and things still get done. And it sounds like you are learning those lessons beautifully.

    I think as mothers, we all have what you wrote in common, especially with the advent of the internet and being able to see [a version] of peoples lives so publicaly. We begin to think that others have a perfect life and are always ticking things off their lists and that we aren't doing enough. But really all we need is to be present with our families as you said, everything else is less important. You're such a great mum Kate, I think you should be proud of yourself xx

    Oh and that shadow in the first photo is divine! I love it!

    1. so true Andi! yeah, amazing how stepping back i have learnt how life goes on even w much less.... even while i was really sick and basically unable to parent AT ALL for a few months, the kids not only survived but still remained lovely little people! ;) we can put so much un-necessary pressure on ourselves and yes this pregnancy has definitely been a lesson in slowing down!


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