Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Quiet and Cosy Day

The second full day of our getaway dawned grey and rainy and of course commenced with a sleep-in again! Mmmm, I could get used to this?! Mark popped out to get some pastries and we ate them whilst sitting around on the rug, chatting in front of the cosy gas fireplace.  It was really too warm to have it on but it was so romantic and atmospheric, I insisted! Rainy day, croissants, cappuccino, stormy ocean views, books and nothing but glorious time to lay around, talk, read, whatever! Oh yeah, this was what this holiday was all about.

I noticed that for the first day or so, Mark and I hardly talked. Both so worn out and exhausted, rather than chatting a mile a minute as I had sort of expected, instead we were content to comfortably enjoy the quiet together... embracing a rare opportunity for sweet silence for parents of two very chatty little people! We comfortably read side by side, or just sat and ate together, occasionally exchanging happy, quiet, content glances and commenting on how blissful this all was. Just too worn out, the need to rest and recover whilst in relaxed, happy company took precedent. Plus, it's a beautiful thing indeed to hang out with someone who you don't feel the need to fill the silence with!

But today I noticed as we sat by the fireplace, we had recovered enough for the talk to naturally unleash - the casual chit chat that is so hard to find time for as busy parents, the long term planning, the discussion about family goals and directions and baby names (still trying to decide!!) and love languages and the kid's personalities and challenges and marriage and just our life and where we are at, and going, and been, and all that good stuff! Oh, how amazing it was to just have so much time to laze around chit-chatting together.... the ultimate indulgence, I think. So lovely too to have so much time that we didn't need to 'force' the talking while we were still in the exhausted recovery stage but let it unfold naturally when we were ready....

Right in the midst of such relaxed, sweet conversation with my beloved, sprawled in front of the fireplace, sipping cappuccino and nibbling croissants (ok, ok, and cinnamon donuts too!), Mark felt an itch on his leg which I instantly recognised - it was a TICK burrowing into his knee. EEEKK!!! Thankfully (though we frustratingly had no phone reception) we did have some internet access so I quickly googled to ensure the tick removal strategy I vaguely remembered was still recommended - yes it was - just carefully pull it straight on out with tweezers which I thankfully had brought with me. The nasty little creature did NOT want to let go but finally it popped off, followed by a soapy wash and antiseptic on Mark's leg - glad we managed to avoid a hospital trip. Ugh, awful little creature - way to kill the moment!!! Just thankful it wasn't worse and Mark noticed it early!

The perfect rainy view whilst laying on the couch reading the morning away!

Mark chilling and reading...

As the weather cleared in the afternoon - still overcast but warm and grey, we took a little stroll on the beach  nearby. Although I would have loved to have spent more of our little getaway doing long coastal walks and even boating or kayaking, I'm still fairly sick and limited physically, so we had to keep things pretty low-key. Thankfully the beaches were small so we could walk the 'whole thing' but only need to go about 400 metres!

Yes, we are sappy romantic fools, there is no denying it!

Exploring the rock pools at the end of the beach, Mark's boyhood dreams came true when we discovered this
Octopus loping around inside a small pool!!  Amazing creature, so fascinating to watch.

Tentacles stretched out (sorry, it's hard to see!)

My cutie!

Guess it was about time we saw some evidence of this baby, huh?! 30 weeks... 

Hello, little one - we can't wait to meet you!

Just two crazy kids on a little adventure!


  1. Cutest couple EVER! You make ME grin from ear to ear :)

  2. OMG, you guys are sooooo cute, just like teenagers. I am super jealous of your holiday too.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous photos and so glad you are able to have some together as well. I am glad that the little critter didn't ruin your time away and the tweezers did the trick. Your time away looks divine and you have captured moments so beautifully.

  4. So wonderful to see two people in love... parents of two little ones, expecting another sweet ball of love and still having the deepest feelings for each other is nothing ordinary! Keep on!


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