Thursday, 1 November 2012

my heart in his hand...

I was in the midst of cooking dinner when Eli slid over a dining chair so he could clamber up and stand beside me to supervise the proceedings. Uttering his signature catch phrase 'What you doing?', he peered into the pan where I was sauteing onion and garlic for a pasta sauce. My curious little man, he always has to know what is happening, who is doing what and what's coming next! Spying some grated carrot, he casually nibbled on some as a little pre-dinner snack, just content to be chilling out with Mama, and I was grateful for his sweet company.

'I stir it?' he asked, indicating the pan. Due to the hot oil and a time-crunch to get dinner on the table, I declined his kind offer. Accepting this, he then asked me 'Hold hands?'. Heart melting, I let him take my right hand in his chubby little one - he then gestured back towards the pan and said 'Now, Mummy stir it'.

Oh, you funny boy! I guess when you are as connected as mother and child can be, and holding hands no less, then having Mummy stir the pan while you hold her other hand and stand right by is practically the same thing as you doing it yourself. I could only chuckle and kiss the blonde head of my quirky little fellow as 'together' we prepared dinner!


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