Saturday, 10 November 2012

Marymead Fete Fun

Today was the much anticipated Marymead Fete. Marymead is an amazing local not-for-profit that looks after Canberra's most vulnerable children and families. It's a place I know well and love dearly as I worked there for four years as Communications and Fundraising Manager before taking on the noble task of mothering! After helping organise the mammoth task that is the very popular annual fete over those years, it is a strange thing to just stroll in as a happy volunteer and visitor. An absolute truck-load of work goes on in preparation before-hand - as I'm sure every school/church/charity fete organiser knows only too well!

My amazing and hard-working Mum now runs the second-hand book stall each year and I am her fairly-trusty side-kick! Somehow even though we sell piles and piles of books all day long, the table seems to miraculously keep itself full at all times as if we haven't sold nary a one?! Not sure how that works! But the $$$ at the end of the day assures us that many books indeed did sell...

Me and my lovely Mum! (with Eli running past...)

A little later in the morning Mark came along with the kiddies (who were also eagerly anticipating this day and all the fete-glories they knew it held) so we had a lovely family time exploring the fete's treasures, activities and of course snapping up a few goodies as well! But the petting zoo was first on the list - so many adorable baby animals, it was a cuteness - seriously, soooooo cute!

I was afraid we would have an 'Of Mice and Men' situation going on,
with Eli killing this teeny chick with kindness but it thankfully survived!
He was in total awe...

Guinea Pig cuddles

Lily could not get over how cuddly soft this baby alpaca was

Oh, she could have held these little baby chicks all day... um... me too!!

Oh, this spotty little piglet was just too ridiculously cute for words. Just.Too.Cute!!!

It ain't a fete without facepainting, in this little lady's opinion!

The face-painter got as much paint as she could on wriggly Tiger Eli!

Cos just one pic of Tiger Eli just ain't enough in my biased opinion!

Not only did E get to sit in the firetruck, they reversed in it too - bonus fun!
Although he doesn't look it here, he was laughing and loving it!


  1. Looks like such a great day! We missed this one sorry. I did see it advertised but forgot to write it down. We went to the Woden Valley Festival today - so many events on in Canberra at the momeny hey?!
    I just love the photos of Eli's tigar face - raaaahhhh!

  2. That is super sweet! I love them marvelling over the animals, very cute!

  3. This day was awesome... obviously! Love the animal pics... awww, this teeny tiny chick... too cute! And their painted faces are beautiful!

  4. Ummm, how much does Lily look like you in that photo with her face painted! And nice to see your bump too <3


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