Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Having a Whale of a Time!

Our first full day... of course commenced with a sleep in. Oh so leisurely to wake up and not have any small people to tend to! After lazing around and reading for a while, we decided to drive into town for pancakes.... mmmm, brunch is my favourite meal to dine out for.

Um, when I ordered the buttermilk and ricotta pancakes with caramelised
banana, I expected a few bits of - you know - caramelised banana!
Instead I was surprised to get a jug of caramel sauce with some banana
floating in it.... whoa.... sugar overload!! I did my best though, heehee!

Afterwards we cruised the shopping centre for a while and spontaneously decided to get our wedding rings cleaned - I try to do this each year on our anniversary but pretty sure I forgot last year. The jeweller remarked 'You two look very happy today'! Um yeah, we are on our first child-free holiday... I guess we had that newlyweds glow! We picked up a few bits and pieces - shopping without kids is so relaxed! I even got a pedicure so all in all it was a pretty leisurely and indulgent day... just felt so novel to be able to roam around with no schedule or time-frame to worry about.

Ooh yeah, holiday indulgence is trying out yummy ice-cream!

We had a restful afternoon, I had a bubble-bath then was lying in bed reading my book, when I glanced out the window to see a WHALE! Yes, really!! We raced down to the cliff edge for a closer look and also saw a dolphin gliding about in the cove. The whale had moved around the headland, so while Mark was cooking a steak on the BBQ on the other side of the house, he spotted it again and we watched it spurt water from the blow-hole and flip around. Incredible!!

I wasn't quick enough to get a shot of the whale but this is where it was.... rooly trooly! :)

Dinner with a stunning view of ocean and of course my love!

Totally sold on gas-fire places... so cosy and warm and inviting - without any mess, smoke or hassle!

Such a beautiful, luxuriously long day. Just felt so surreal to be this couple that we used to be, footloose and fancy-free, chilling out, doing whatever we felt like! I love hanging out with my best friend and was thankful to discover he is still my favourite person to be around!! ;) As we told the kids, the best thing we can do for them as parents is to keep our marriage strong. This little escape was such a blessed time of refreshment and re-connection... good for us, good for the family. 


  1. Sleep in, pancakes, shopping, pedicure, ice cream, bubble bath, WHALE WATCHING! BBQ, fire place...... Yep. That sounds like an all-round awesome day. And well deserved too.
    I just love that you were taking pictures of each other with your meals. Just like newly weds. So cute. :)

    1. yeah it was a pretty sweet day, ticked all the holiday boxes!! heehee yeah we do still like to recapture that dorky/newlywed vibe :) well, we are always dorks haha!

  2. Awwwwww.... how blissful! I bet bubba was doing loop-de-loops after those pancakes (well, mine always did after sugar). Sounds like a very awesome day, and sooooo good to get back to the 'why's.... why you chose each other to marry :)

    1. yes bubby enjoyed the sugar hit too :) so true, it was so awesome to reconnect like in those pre-kid days!

  3. Oh so nice! Isn't spotting wild whales and dolphins such a thrill?! You look radiant Kate. A trip away with the love is so good for the soul:)

    Enjoy the rest of your trip you two love birds:)

    1. aw thanks fiona - yes it was definitely time away that nourished the soul!


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