Thursday, 22 November 2012

swimming along nicely

After our recent startling progress in swimming class, this weekly event is now a delight for all.

Lily is growing more and more confident every week, launching herself into the water, experimenting with all kinds of (self-invented) swimming techniques and spending most of her time with her head under water exploring this magical world. 

I love watching her progress in class, happily building skills and working with the teacher but most of all I love witnessing her splash around in the pool after class - lost in her own world, trying out her new skills at her own pace and in her own style. Happy, care-free - and fear-free!

You go, little water baby!

This squishy little goggled face just makes me laugh!

Addicted to floating... she spends a lot of her time disconcertingly like this!


  1. oh my goodness these photos are gorgeous. I love the first and the last one just looks so relaxing to me. Clever girl and cheeky Eli not missing a photo op!

  2. I'm so impressed with her! And she is just the CUTEST in her water hat and goggles. That photo of Eli is goodness he looks like such a big kid since the last time I checked your blog. What have you been feeding him? ;-)

  3. I really love your blog and have been following your wonderful moments recently but really struggling to comment with two kids on my lap so much! When I read about your amazing trip away with your husband I just burst into tears. I think we are so in need of a break like that but I also felt so happy that you had been able to do it. I just don't think you could have gone anywhere more perfect and I was so impressed how you kept going through the windy roads! The calm beauty of the place must have lifted you both so much. If only our parents weren't thousands of miles away. I also wanted to say that the belly photos yesterday were just one of the best things I have ever seen on a blog. So wonderful, what gorgeous, loving children. And I think that it was a total photo breakthrough day because you switched to manual. The pictures are really really good. I just love your blog!

    1. Julia I'm so sorry I forgot to reply to this gorgeous comment - I always intended to! Thanks for your lovely words and I **so** wish your kids could come and hang at our place so you and hubby could also get a much-deserved weekend away. it must be so hard at times without family support close by... im very spoilt to have this, i know. Thanks for being so happy for us, regardless and yes, the time away was SO rejevenating for us. Um and this - 'I also wanted to say that the belly photos yesterday were just one of the best things I have ever seen on a blog'- what a high compliment - i was seriously touched!! thanks so much xx


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