Saturday, 3 November 2012

Classic Party Fun!

This afternoon I took Lily to the party of one of her little school friends - and Eli got to tag along too! It was a classic kid's party that brought back memories of parties from my school days... with plenty of party food, kids running around everywhere, and old school games like Musical chairs, Duck Duck Goose, Pin the Tail on the Donkey and of course Pass the Parcel! What more do kids need for a rockin' good time?!

Ready to Parrrrtttay!

It's hard being a little brother. They played a game of musical chairs and though Eli caught on to the concept pretty
 quick he was still the last to find a chair each round so had to be content to watch from the sidelines when he got out.
It was so tragic yet cute to see him wandering around going 'Where my chair? Where my chair?'

The parents were all chuckling and calling Eli a little fruit bat cos he was absolutely demolishing the fruit platters -
the kid loooves his fruit. But then he discovered the fairy bread... it was a 'Come to Papa' kind of moment!

Classic party game fun! I walked up just as Lily was placing her tail - the other
Mums told me Lily was the only kid not to peek under her mask - hence the
wonky tail placement! Awww.

Eli saying hello to the cute rabbit

How cute was this Ducky cake? All the kids were totally in awe... and gobbled up the 'eggs' first thing!


  1. What a cool cake!
    I can just see Eli at that party table. He knows what the most important part of a party is!

  2. Gorgeous photos. Love kids parties. I hope they had lots of fun and enjoyed that cake. Can't believe you can still wear beanies down south.

    1. kylie - its actually been really hot here but today was randomly rainy and a bit cool - but the beanie is more to do w recently getting passed a stash that my Nana made and Eli being keen to wear one every day - even with tshirts, lol!!

  3. What a great party! I love all those traditional party games and good, clean, honest fun. And a wonderful home-made cake too. Perfect!


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