Friday, 30 November 2012

the answer is blowin' in the wind

Kids. You just never know where they will find some new source of joy... part of what makes experiencing life through their eyes so very delightful!  

Today, with a bit of a heat wave and summer well and truly upon us, we pulled out the fan for the first time this year. Turned it on... no big deal, right?

Actually... Very Big Deal. It's a pretty powerful fan and the kids were just in awe of it. They stood in front of it, letting it blow their hair around like ribbons as they laughed and cackled and squealed with glee for aaaages. It was Pretty Darn Cute. 

Later on, they got strips of tissue paper and invented a game where they would hold them near the fan, let go and watch it whisk off into the air and around the house, scrambling to catch it as quickly as they could. Kept them amused for quite some time! 

A little old fan providing excitement and fun... but only if you are willing to see it through their fresh little eyes.

PS Please note of course the kids know they are not allowed to actually touch the fan!

giggles in the breeze!

Heehee at the faces!! I think they liked the feel of the wind in their eyes cos
they kept opening their eyes up really big!!


  1. Kids and fans are like a moth to a flame. Love their expressions.

  2. How cute is that? They look like they are having an absolute ball. Gorgeous kids.

    We have the exact same fan, but because of a lack of floor space I mounted it to point down and put it up on top of a wall unit. Boo! Your version looks like much more fun.


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