Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Mummy Helper

Today I got to hang out at Playschool with Lily as a 'Helper' for the morning. She was excited to have me there (very, very, very excited, in fact - long may it last?!), I was thankful to be able to lend a bit of a hand after months of not being able to participate and little brother was thrilled to be able to spend the day at big school for the first time!

Some of the characteristics of my little lady that got highlighted to me today was her fierce protectiveness, empathy, loyalty and compassion. A little friend she was playing with fell over and scraped her knees. Of course there was a great deal of crying from the little friend as the teacher tended to her wounds and Lily sat right by her friend the entire time, consoling and watching over her. When the teacher said Lily could go and sit on the mat for story time if she wanted, Lily burst into tears at the idea of leaving her friend while she was still sad and hurting!

Oh little Lily, I am so grateful for your compassionate heart! You truly hurt when those around you are hurting - and  you rejoice when others are rejoicing too. I know such empathy will bless so many in your life... and you will be blessed as well, by opening your heart in such a pure way.

Intense concentration in decorating the Christmas ornament!

Little Brother gets to participate too - yippee!

Oh, I adore the casual affection between these kids. Lily (carrying the pink
baby capsule) makes new best friends each day as easily as she makes her
craft. It cracks me up to see the kids form these delightfully simple
friendships - precious and easy bonds for playing. 

Lily was so proud to have her brother at school with her. She eagerly secured
a spot for him next to her at the lunch table, got him a placemat and shared her
lunch and drink (cos Mummy forgot to pack him a snack too, oops!). 

You know you are concentrating hard when you give youself a double chin!
Eli was thrilled to play at the water table. This was taken shortly before he
managed to pour a couple of bottles all over himself, requiring an
emergency clothes change!!


  1. It is so much fun to hang out with your kids when they are not at home, where you get to see what they are like with others, it is curious to watch. Looks like a day well spent. I like how Lily's banana is labeled, too cute!

    1. yes so true, its so fun peeking into this other world they are starting to occupy... babies growing up, sniff sniff! Lol just noticed the banana placed in there... heehee yes easiest way to label when it doesnt fit in lunchbox. i drew a smiley face on the other side :)

  2. This is such a great post and really gives a sense of a peek into her 'other' life. I love the picture of her in a huddle with the other children and her intense concentration. I am sure she will LOVE this post when she is older.

  3. Yeah, cute banana. Great to see them enjoying their time with others and growing in another environment. A good time to see what interests them too. Love and a big hug to Lily and Eli xx


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