Friday, 9 November 2012

Three Cheers for Daddy!!

Today was the day Mark did the FINAL exam of his two years worth of post-grad studies... and oh, how we all have looked forward to this day!! So very proud of my husband and the huge amount of work he has put in - working full time, being an integral part of this busy young family while also studying every night and weekend. I honestly don't know how he did it... hitting the books almost every evening (while I collapsed on the couch!) after a full day's work and then dinner/bed time routine with the kids. The man works hard, that's all I can say!!

This long awaited day had arrived, and the kids and I wanted to do a few special things to celebrate and welcome him home... one of which was a spotty little poster!

Hard at work with their artistic contributions!

Warming up the Dot Markers

Determined to put the lid back on...

It's a dotting paradise...

Finished product in all it's glory. Love all the little touches, including Lily writing her and her brother's name!

A happy, tired, successful Daddy! Exams are done... forever (I hope)! Hours and hours of study and research
paid off with a Graduate Diploma in Economics.

Loving hugs from son and daughter (who clearly dressed herself today!). 

Well done, honey- you have worked incredibly hard over two very busy, challenging years to complete this course. Soooo proud of you, so thankful for your work ethic and very, very excited that it is now complete - whatever will you do with all your spare time?!! xx 


  1. Awwww, great sign kids. And well done clever daddy!
    Sweetest hug in that last picture. :)

    PS We love 'dot-dots' too.

  2. Oh that photo of them all standing next to the poster is beautiful. Well done Daddy, awesome job!

  3. Lovely photos - captures the joy of the moment. Happy for you all. Ma and Pa :) xx

  4. Congrats to Mark! What a super effort! Love the sign and the photos!

  5. cutest ever. nice job mr mark.
    hope your all well.

    see you soon i hope.


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