Thursday, 8 November 2012

Eli's First Shave... (and it's a close one!)

Eli took a shower with Daddy so of course had to lather up for a shave just 'like Daddy dos' 

(not sure how to spell that, but instead of saying 'does' he says 'do' with an 's' on the end... does that make sense?!!)

Don't worry, he 'shaved' with a comb, not a razor!!

Beautiful boy. Those sweet ruby red lips amongst all the white foam is just
killing me. Soooooo kissable!

Now how do I access more of this good stuff?

Sorting out the spray action on the can

Ooh yeah, that's what I need!

I'll just add a little more...


  1. Eli looks so grown up in these photos Kate. And so cute. I bet he enjoyed the shaving cream experience.

  2. Oh so so cute and you really took great photos. Oh I love your blog.

  3. These are oh so cute, Kate!! Love, love, love 'em! I adore that first photo too... his wide eyes and sweet lips are beautiful.

  4. These close- up photos are wonderful! I especially like photos number 1 and 4!!!Imagine how much excited you will be when the time comes for the real first save!!! ( I still remember my brother's!)


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