Friday, 20 July 2012

Rockin' out at the Playschool Concert

Months ago I booked tickets for our family to go to the touring Playschool Concert as a birthday gift to the kids... yes, the hippest concert in town for the Under-5 set! As the time got closer and my sickness did not abate, I wasn't sure what to do... how I could possibly handle taking the kids and yet... the thought of them missing out just made me cry! I and they have missed out on plenty of things since I've been sick, but I just hated the idea of them not getting to go to such a fun morning out and so I was pretty determined that somehow, someway, we were going to do it.

Thankfully we had booked a ticket for Mark too (he also wanted to witness the kid's brains exploding with glee to see their favourite show IN REAL LIFE) and he was able at the last minute to take a half day off work so we could all go together... a big phew because I haven't driven in weeks and wasn't sure how I would go on my own. So I rested and dosed up on everything I could and somehow we made our way there, into a throng of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers like I'd never seen before - it was a glorious chaos! Thankfully we could sit on the floor for the concert so I shuffled my way in with my excited kiddos, found a spot on the crowded floor, and the fun began.

It was tough making it through and I sure paid for it when I got home but worth it? You betcha. The kids had an absolute blast, shrieking with joy and boogeying and singing along. Just delightful to sit there and soak up their happiness. We hit with jackpot with the presenters - Abi and Jay! They were wonderfully engaging and super fun the whole time. I knew Lily would be soooo into it (and she was) but was most surprised at Eli - I wasn't sure how much he would 'get it' but he was totally excited, shrieking at every new toy that came on stage (Jemima!! Big Ted!! Humpty!!!), clapping, dancing and laughing. He kept looking at us in shock and awe like 'Mummy, the TV has come to life?!!'.

Lily and her buddy Edmund! His charming pirate look is thanks to him falling into the corner
of a wooden cabinet and knocking out his tooth, poor chap!

We love Abi and Jay!!

One very happy concert-goer!

Precious Eli, hands clasped tightly, was in awe of the performance!

Getting her groove on - so cute seeing all the kiddies dance and sing to every song!

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow with Big Ted!
He was just in a state of amazement...

Super Daddy does double duty on the way to the car!

It's pretty much the biggest kick in parenting - watching your children experience something new and wonderful, feeling their joy being multiplied in your heart because you just love them so gosh-darn much and to see them living and loving life is just such a privilege.

I'm just grateful that I got to be there to witness it.


  1. Yay yay yay, I am smiling and happy because you have some wonderful photos to share but more because even amongst feeling so yuk, you managed to get out and enjoy your children's happiness. Glorious photos of your family having a great time out. I am so glad that you were able to experience this and I hope you were able to rest when you got home and think of the good time you were all able to have together. :)

  2. I am SO JEALOUS!!! That would have been SO much fun!!! Lucky kidlets. And gosh you are amazing braving that when you are sick, what a wonder woman!!

  3. I feel the same way. Seeing Finn and harper's faces light up was just magical. Im sorry the day wasnt what you had imagined all those months ago but im so glad you made the best of a bad situation and got there in the end. The photos you captured are great!

  4. I loved looking at all of your pictures!!
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