Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fairy Friends

It was only a matter of time till this happened, isn't it?

With Lily almost constantly robed in some kind of costume, of course Eli would want to get in on the action and so is now often found outfitted (thanks to his sister's efforts) in a similar fashion to Lily. Seriously, too cute for words!!

Appropriately attired, most of their free time these days is spent galloping around the house together engaged in all kinds of imaginitive adventures - fairies on the run, babies on the crawl, animals on te loose, mother and child, going on bear hunts (with backpacks), and so on.

Eli gets into it with as much gusto as Lily and it charms the soul no end to hear them up to their giggly hijinks. It's the kind of sibling fun I always dreamt of witnessing and most people who get to watch the show comment that it's a good advertisement for having  more than one kid, seeing how they occupy each other!

Brother and sister, siblings and friends. Companions for life and oh, it melts a Mama's heart!

Checking if Daddy is home yet

They make me laugh like nothing else... from the belly and the heart at the same time!

Eli's adoring gaze at his sister - always watching and learning!

Eli decides to get into this bowing business too - love that they each have their own style!!

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