Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Daddy. Sick.

Well, Daddy came down with the flu. Man-flu, no less (and we all know that's worse!)

So there we were, laid up in bed - me vomiting and nauseous, Mark, shivering and feverish. What a pair!!

Thankfully my wonderful mother-in-law was still with us to keep the kids clothed and fed or who knows what would have happened to them!

Eli strolled in to assess the situation.

'Mummy sick. Daddy sick. Sleepy-time.' was his summation!

So he gave Daddy a kiss good-night. And yes, Mark tried to avoid breathing on him. Probably still a little too close but in a snuggly family like ours, let's be honest, there are no avoiding each other's germs!

Poor Daddy!


  1. Oh darling Kate, I wish we lived closer so we could help you out. I know the photo looks miserable but what a sweet little man you have. And I bet you are grateful for your Mother in law at a time like this. I hope you start to have reprieve from your pregnancy difficulties very soon and that Mark is back to good health very quickly. Love and prayers to you all.

  2. Oh this is just beautiful. Such love. I hope the dreaded man flu goes away so soon!


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